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Heilie Uys – Cape St Francis, South Africa

Age 64 | Kidney Recipient

“Physical activity is not just a selected option but part of my daily living.”

Alexandre Humeau – Toulouse, France

Age 25 | Liver Recipient

“My aim is to make people speak about this subject, to answer questions, and to prove that’s it’s more than saving a life. Powered by the gift of life is my motto”

Emma Hilton – Midddlesex, United Kingdom

Age 26  |  Heart Recipient

Emma Hilton is a heart transplant recipient of 14 years. Post transplant she was told that the two main issues facing young people after transplantation were: non-compliance of their drugs and a lack of exercise due to a misunderstanding of the benefits of sport on transplanted individuals.

Hitoshi Totsuka – Japan

Age 47  |  Kidney Recipient

On April 15, 1998 Hitoshi received a kidney from his mother and began a new life, he was 17 at the time.

The sickness that had removed his ability to play sports was suddenly gone from his life and he was once again able to be active.

Matthew Field – Manawatu, New Zealand

Age 29  |  Kidney Recipient

Growing up sport was everything to Matthew, he always dreamed of competing at high level, and played Football and Cricket at a regional level for Manawatu, first XV Rugby at high school and premier grade Rugby league for Victoria University of Wellington.

Ronald Grainger – Dublin, Ireland

Age 66  |  Kidney Recipient

Ron was diagnosed with an inherited degenerative kidney disorder at the of 32, and was aware that by his early 50’s, he would develop end stage renal failure and require renal replacement therapy, either dialysis or transplant. As chronic renal failure became a reality, his fitness levels deteriorated significantly.

Sonia Carolina Vargas Ropero – Bogota, Colombia

Age 33  |  Kidney & Pancreas Recipient

Sonia received her kidney and pancreas transplant on 25 December 2012, and with that felt a new opportunity had invaded her body. There was brightness in her eyes, a constant spontaneous smile on her face, and her body and soul were surrounded by an amazing feeling of peace…

Montague Summers – Queensland, Australia

Age 27  |  Bone Marrow Recipient

Montague received his bone marrow transplant at the age of 18 from an unrelated donor, during treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During his treatment he found solace in running, the few minutes of running which his body allowed him, helped him remain focused on life…

Aris Jan Van Ek – Netherlands

Age 56  |  Kidney Transplant

Quote: “I also had to learn that being able to do sports is not about running a marathon or beating personal records all the time, it is all about being able to do it. Take the opportunity, see the benefits. I can show you the way.”

Kate Phillips – Australia

Age 32  |  Heart & Double Lung Transplant

Born with congenital heart disease and Pulmonary Hypertension, there were always limits around what Kate could do. After a cardiac arrest at 24, Kate was considered a high risk of sudden death, and yet it was then that she decided to become a triathlete.

Ashleigh Mounger – SC, USA

Age 29  |  Liver Recipient

Growing up Ashleigh was always active in multiple sports and a very competitive athlete. She attended college and earned degrees in both Exercise Science and Psychology so that she could encourage and educate others about the importance of being healthy and fit both physically and mentally.

Martin Wong – Hong Kong

Age 54  |  Kidney Transplant

Quote: “Being fit is important! I did not know when I would receive the transplant, so I did my best to remain fit so that my body would be ready to undergo the operation.”

Nico Zonneveld – Netherlands

Age 73  |  Kidney Transplant

Quote: “For me, my hero will always be my wife, Marijke, who gave me this precious gift, the gift of life.”

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