The WTGF currently has over 60 member countries, most of whom have their own national transplant sport organisations. Every year we see new members join the Federation with an opportunity to now participate in the World Games and benefit from the various educational campaigns, which we undertake.

If a country has a formal association which stages sporting events for transplant recipients or is in the process of forming one, then it will be eligible to join the WTGF. A representative is usually appointed for each member country and that person – the country representative -  will be the main link between the WTGF and all transplanted athletes in that country receiving frequent communication and publications throughout the year.


The Membership cycle is renewed every two years. The membership cycle runs from April 2024 – March 2026.

At the General Assembly of April 2023, the WTGF Board announced their decision to suspend the payment of Membership Fees as this will be recovered through other means. No Membership Fees will be payable until further notice.

A country can attend their first Games without becoming a full member.

What do members get?

As a member of the WTGF you receive both abstract and tangible benefits. 

Affiliation to the WTGF – the only global and international Federation of its kind in the world.

The opportunity to join a worldwide community with a unified purpose.

The confidence that your membership and participation assists us in getting closer to the cause and seeing greater results and outcomes.

WTGF member logo which may be included in your marketing campaigns.

Access to participate in the Summer and Winter World Transplant Games whilst representing your country.

Access to collaborate on all WTGF campaigns, and benefit from the initiatives, which we undertake, such as the Fit For Life Initiative.

Power to vote at the WTGF General Assembly.

Guidance in the business development of member associations in areas relating to hosting national Games, marketing their association and growing their member base.

Assistance and guidance from the WTGF in setting up a transplant sport organisations.

Access to a network of like minded associations where they can learn, share and assist one another.

Access to the latest information, articles, trends and developments in the organ donation and transplantation sector through our regular newsletters and our publication, “TransplantWorld Journal”.

Opportunity to Market your own organisation, campaigns and initiatives through our global WTGF website and social media platforms.

Benefits of international media exposure around World Games and Fit For Life initiatives.

We ensure that our members understand and visibly see the vital role they play in promoting health and fitness, education, research and rehabilitation, by collaborating with the WTGF.

Our aim for our members is to bring them closer to the cause and constantly showcase the positive progress being made.

To find out more about becoming a member please contact the WTGF office.

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