Transplant Ambassador Role Description

Transplant Ambassador

role description


‘The WTGF has established the Fit For Life! Initiative with the aim to elevate the importance of physical activity and organised sport at all levels in the long term- management and well-being of transplant recipients.

To help deliver on this goal we are recruiting Ambassadors from around the world to inspire and encourage others to take the first steps towards a life where activity and movement are central to their daily activities. Essentially we want you to ‘shine’ and help your fellow recipients to find ways to improve their lives.

Fit for Life! ambassadors will promote the ideals of the WTGF and Fit for Life! by speaking about their physical activity and fitness experience to medical professionals, transplant recipients and the wider transplant and organ donation community.

Ambassadors will promote the Federation, our Fit for Life! Initiative, the World Winter and Summer Transplant Games.

It is expected that ambassadors will be (or will prepared to be) members of their country organisation affiliated by the WTGF and will work closely with their country organisation to achieve these goals.


Listed here are ‘ideal’ primary and secondary responsibilities. However, it is important to understand that not everyone enrolling into this program will ‘tick all these boxes’ immediately. The WTGF is here to help and guide you along the way.

  • Inspire recipients, friends, family, colleagues, medical professionals and online networks to lead an active lifestyle and embrace the Fit for Life! mantra (“more transplant recipients, more active, more often.”)
  • Engage with hospitals, transplant units, transplant centers to promote the WTGF and the Fit for Life! initiative which will include toolkits pertaining to leading a healthy and active lifestyle post transplant.
  • Understand and promote the mission of the World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF) and the Fit for Life! initiative
  • Contact relevant groups and organisations and request opportunities to give short talks, allowing for engagement with the community.
  • Engage with local press and participate in media opportunities that promote the WTGF, Fit for Life! and organ donation / transplantation.
  • Be a source of information about the WTGF, Fit for Life! and our other initiatives.
  • Actively seek introductions to medical professionals (physicians, transplant coordinators, nurses) in order to promote the WTGF and Fit for Life! initiative.
  • Use our official social media channels to amplify activity.
  • Wear the Federation and Fit for Life! branded materials at all media, public and networking events and opportunities.
  • Speak knowledgeably about the Federation and the Fit for Life! initiative.
  • Promote attendance and participation at the World Transplant Games.
  • Promote and work with the local member association in your country.
  • Attend approved / recommended events on behalf of the WTGF and member association, which relate to organ donation and transplantation.
  • Make use of personal and external networks to help raise awareness.

Our Expectations

Act in the best interests of the WTGF at all times.

Act with integrity and avoid personal conflicts of interest.

Maintain confidentiality about all sensitive information received as part of your role.

Understand and promote the laws of organ and tissue donation as they exist in your country.

Be a non-smoker and refrain from taking illicit substances.

Drink alcohol in moderation and responsibly when on official ambassadorial activities.

Be an active member of their country organisation or where such an organisation does not exist to assist the WTGF with forming an appropriate body.

Profile of an Ambassador

Be living a healthy and active lifestyle post transplant.

Be committed to the WTGF and Fit for Life! initiative and objectives.

Ability to communicate effectively, confidently and passionately to a variety of audiences.

Good communication skills, public speaking, written communication, use of social media, etc.

Confident in responding to questions from an audience (note we will supply the Frequently asked questions)

Enthusiasm for the WTGF and Fit for Life! mantra.

Accessibility to email.

What will the WTGF give the Ambassadors?

Induction and training including webinars, regular liaison and guidance.

All ambassadors will be given a training pack which contains

  • Sample presentations
  • Brochures about the WTGF and Fit for Life!
  • Detailed breakdown on Fit for Life!, the various suggested programs and timelines for roll out
  • A promotional film

Ambassadors will also be given a toolkit, which they will share with medical professionals, transplant clinics and units. The toolkit will contain:

  • Various suggested training programs for recipients post transplant
  • Various suggested nutrition plans for recipients post transplant
  • Literature and research on the topic of exercise post transplant

Ambassadors will be supplied with the following branded materials which should be worn when engaging and networking with the community:

  • 2 x Polo shirts
  • 1 x Jacket
  • 1 x Mens Tie or Ladies Neck Scarf

Ambassadors who are present at the 2017 World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain will be invited to a media-training seminar and a special event hosted by the WTGF.


Although this is a voluntary position, expenses which may be incurred while carrying out this role will be reimbursed (with prior approval).


Ambassadors will be selected for a two year period starting from 01 January 2017. Should an ambassador not fulfill their role or discredit the values of the WTGF in any way, their participation as an Ambassador will be terminated. The appointment of an ambassador is at the discretion of the WTGF Executive and it can be withdrawn without reason at any time.

Ambassadors will be allowed to request enrolment for additional years.

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