Research Support

We may be able to help support your research project. Read below to see the ways in which we engage with researchers and get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity if you would like to be supported.


Patients and other end-users are increasingly being included in the designing and planning of research. In many cases, involving patients and other end-users has become a necessary component of research funding applications. The WTGF is in an excellent position to help find willing volunteers to be involved in such activities.


Conducting primary research usually relies on the participation of human subjects. Recruitment of participants can be a challenging part of research, especially so for international studies. With a large mailing list of transplant recipients, the WTGF is in a good position to facilitate the recruitment of participants. The Research Initiative can assist in this process assuming that your study has undergone necessary ethical approval processes.


Applications for research funding often require supporting documents to demonstrate that external stakeholders are supportive of the research idea and/or to confirm that a consultation has taken place. The Chair(s) of the WTGF Research Initiative are happy to provide letters of support (providing that the project fits within the remit and values of the WTGF) as well as engage with the research project more broadly as part of a stakeholder involvement process.


The WTGF collects data on organ and tissue transplant recipients through the registration process for the World Transplant Games as well as ongoing initiatives such as the Billion Steps Challenge and Fit for Life. Information collected about recipients has the potential to be a valuable resource for researchers working in this area. Following proper ethical and legal regulations, the Research Initiative is building a large and international data set that external researchers can use to answer important research questions.

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