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Welcome to the WTGF’s
Women’s Wellness Program

Join the WTGF for Open discussions on the topics relevant to women in their transplant journey, such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Contraception
  • Consequences of medication
  • Hair Growth
  • Menopause
  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • UTI’s
  • Cervical Cancer
  • …. and many others

Brought to you by the WTGF and Liz Hosford, 33 years post-kidney transplant, in conjunction with other guest medical and health professionals.

Women’s Wellness will alternate between hosting webinars and open forum discussions (coffee chats) for the female transplant community every two months.

Whether you are a female transplant recipient, career, family member or living donor, you are invited to participate in the Women’s Wellness Program.

About Women’s Wellness

Women’s wellness is an essential topic in the transplant community. It encompasses a holistic approach to health and well-being that considers the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects women post-transplant face in their transplant journey.

This women’s wellness program has been designed to bring education and awareness. It is filled with valuable information that will help women understand their health, wellness, and bodies during the transplant journey, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.

Mental health is an essential topic in the transplant journey. Stress, anxiety, fear, and depression are expected outcomes of living through being ill or finding out you need a life-saving organ transplant. As a woman, at any age or stage in life, this will raise many questions about everyday life and stages in your development. Having a safe space to discuss these topics will create an empowered environment.

As the program develops, we hope it will become a support group for women and offer valuable resources, providing a sense of community and encouragement.

Webinars and Coffee Chats

Webinars are recorded and hosted by the guest speakers on screen. Attendees will not be shown on screen and will be free to ask their questions to the panel.

Coffee chats will be informal open discussions with Liz Hosford and Liz Schick. These discussions will not be recorded to respect the attendee’s privacy. Attendees will be invited to join with their cameras on (however, it is not compulsory) and will be encouraged to freely ask any questions or share with the WTGF topics they would like discussed. The coffee chats aim to create a safe environment with women to discuss and share.

Upcoming Dates

Please visit https://wtgf.org/events/ for detailed information on upcoming webinars and coffee chats.

May 2024 | WEBINAR
Title: Pregnancy post-transplant

Guest Speakers:

  • Trine Engerbretsen MD – Abdominal Transplant Surgeon, Liver recipient
  • Lisa Coscia – Transplant Pregnancy Registry International – Research Nurse Coordinator
  • Liz Hosford – Kidney Recipient, Chair of WTGF Women’s Wellness Program
  • Liz Schick – Liver Recipient, WTGF President

June 2024 | COFFEE CHAT
Topic: Open Forum discussion on all topic’s women related


About Liz Hosford

Chair of the Women’s Wellness Program


As a young woman aged 17, I assumed that my illness was a temporary issue. I had no idea that Henoch Schonlein Purpura would change the direction of my life, but sure enough, in May 1990, after (luckily) only nine months of dialysis, I received a kidney from my Mum, Christine.

As a late developer, I’d only begun my periods a couple of years earlier and was still getting to grips with all that entailed. I used to hate my periods on dialysis as the pain and complete lack of control were so overwhelming. Now, I had a new lease of life and had to adjust accordingly.

During the last 33 years of having the transplant, I have been fortunate enough to not only have had that 2nd chance at life but a glimmer of hope for what I may be able to achieve physically as a woman. I wanted a family; I wanted that aspect of feeling `normal`, and I had no idea about any impact the transplant/medication would have on my body.

A stern talk by my consultant to me a few weeks post-transplant filled me with fear. I was 19 and was told about the complicated risks of pregnancy, “you’d only have one chance, the baby would be small, and you wouldn’t be able to give birth naturally or breastfeed”. I have to say that the conversation was terrifying, but I also didn’t offer any advice or help. I was encouraged to go on the pill straight away just in case I started a relationship. I wish there had been someone or somewhere to turn to back then; hence, 33 years on, I feel that a `Women’s Wellness` for female transplants is much needed.

The idea is not just about pregnancy but hopefully to encapsulate a range of topics. Whether it is contraception, sexual health, UTIs, Cervical health, or even talking about the consequences of medication on us as women – hair growth, dark hair – do I shave, wax, use cream, not bother!!…..these are subjects that I know affect us all. I’ve talked with many women who’ve had transplants over the years.

Women’s Wellness will hopefully be a haven of open discussion, changing topics, and a mixture of medical experts and experiences from women like you who have been thrown into this sometimes very confusing world!

I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced the many complex issues that women find themselves in post-transplant. I’ve been fortunate enough to have two wonderful daughters, Harriet and Heidi, who are now thriving young women finding their way in the world. I’ve experienced a miscarriage, given birth and breastfed, fought against several cervical scares of abnormal cells, and weirdly enough, feel very privileged to be now embarking on menopause (a whole new world of emotions and physical surprises!!). I wanted to give something back to the transplant community, especially the women there. As someone known for not being quiet and quite capable of voicing her opinion and thoughts, I’m grateful to the WTGF for listening and taking this idea forward.

I hope you’ll be able to join and follow this programme and that we can collectively provide information, chat, and general camaraderie about Women’s Health and wellbeing.

Help us to make a difference #PoweredbytheGiftofLife