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Our Goal

More transplant recipients more active more often’ and you can help us make that a reality!

You can choose to support a specific aspect of the work we do:

Children’s Programme:

Supporting more children to attend the Games.

Country Development Programme:

Supporting new countries to attend the Games and encourage the development of their organisations.

Fit For Life! Programme:

Supporting the practical promotion of regular exercise post-transplant.


Support the on-going operation and development of the Federation:

We want you to be part of something very special! With your support, we can realise our goal of ‘more transplant recipients, more active, more often.’

We are constantly working for the promotion of organ donation, developing the international community of transplant recipients, family, friends and professionals and highlighting the positive value of exercise and sport post-transplant. This is an ambitious mission but we know that with your support we can make a difference!

Help us to make a difference #PoweredbytheGiftofLife