Martin Wong

Martin Wong – Hong Kong

Age 54 | Kidney Transplant

Quote: “Being fit is important! I did not know when I would receive the transplant, so I did my best to remain fit so that my body would be ready to undergo the operation.”

Martin Wong was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure when he was 30 years-old. He was in desperate need of a kidney transplant and according to his Doctor, Martin would have to wait years or even decades before he would receive a new kidney. Despite this bad news, Martin decided to be positive and chose to be optimistic as he had only just celebrated his sons 1st birthday and wanted to be around for many more birthdays to come.

Martin was determined to be disciplined and obedient to medical advices, exercise as much as possible even under the prolonged fatigue, and most importantly, live positively by incorporating peritoneal dialysis as part of his routine. Martin waited years for his transplant and in those years, he strived to live a full life and travel overseas as often as he could as he did not want his illness to hinder his family in anyway. The most remarkable trip he made was in 2000 on a 21-day trip around Europe, carrying 210kg of dialysis solution, an APD machine, together with the ancillary tubing set.

Throughout his illness and recovery, remaining fit has always been Martins goal and once he was fully recovered Martin decided promote organ donation and the benefits of fitness post-transplant, he also discovered the World Transplant Games and competed in his very first Games in 2007 in Bangkok. Martin then soon became the Chairman of the Hong Kong Transplant Sports Association and assists in the organising of local sport events for post-transplant athletes.

2017 has been a very meaningful year for me. I was selected to be one of the two transplant recipients to hike to the Everest Base Camp at 5,364m in the Nepalese Himalayas in April and was then honoured by being selected as a Fit for Life! Ambassador. I have dedicated my life to organ donation and transplantation and being a Fit For Life! Ambassador will give me the opportunity to reach more people.