Fit for Life! Initiatives

fit for life!


The below is an indication of the Fit for Life! implementation plan.

Fit for life! Ambassadors

Over the past few months the Federation has succesfully been appointing transplant recipients from around the globe who are ‘living and breathing’ the Fit for Life! mantra to represent the WTGF as ambassadors. Our Ambassadors promote the Fit for Life! mantra to transplant units, participate in sporting events, and encourage others to attend the Games. Additional Fit for Life! ambassadors will be appointed over the next few months with an aim to have at least one ambassador representing every one of our member countries.

Fit for Life! Panel

The Fit for Life! panel is a group of individuals with expertise and a passion for promoting physical activity post transplant. Workshops are held between these experts to further advance the literature and develop evidence – based exercise training programmes for transplant recipients. The panel includes transplant surgeons, sports medicine practitioners, nutritionist, biomechanists, physiothereapits and transplant athletes. Should you have an interest in joining our panel, please contact the WTGF office.

Literature (Resources) on why exercise post transplant is important

The Fit for Life! resources page will provide you with evidence – based literature to support why participating in physical activity post transplant has been proved very beneficial. We currently have our Fit for Life! Panel auditing hundreds of publications which will soon make their way onto this website.

Medical conferences

Fit for Life! exhibition booths promoting the initiative were succesfully set up at the below recent congresses:

  • International Congress of the Transplantation Society in Hong Kong (18-23 August 2016)
  • American Transplant Congress in Chicago (29 April – 03 May 2-17)

Fit for Life! will also have representatives attending the below conferences:

  • ISODP – International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement, Sept 6-9, 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
  • ESOT – Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation, Barcelona, 24-27 Sep 2017


5 cyclists including WTGF President, Mr Chris Thomas and WTGF Secretary and Liver Recipient, Ms Schick cycled from Madrid to Malaga in the build up to the 2017 World Transplant Games to promote the Fit for Life! initiative and organ donation and awareness.

Games Passport

Fit for Life! launched this new initiative at the 2017 World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain (25 June – 02 July 2017). The passport is designed to record and celebrate your attendance at both Summer and Winter Games, as well as other official recognised worldwide transplant events. If you wish to include the passport program to a local Transplant Games please contact the Fit For Life! office on


A Fit for Life! toolkit is being developed which includes training and fitness programs post transplant as well as nutrition advice to help you achieve a healthy and well balanced lifestyle post transplant. Launch date anticipated towards the end of 2017.

Billion Steps Challenge

An exciting new online challenge embracing the entire transplant community, friends and families will be launched in the final months of 2017, where we collectively as a community will aim to walk billions of steps. Launched date estimated around 01 September 2017.


A Fit for Life app designed for both Andriod and IOS devices is currently being developed for all to enjoy. The app will include essential Fit for Life! information, key dates and events as well as the created exercise and nutrition plans for post transplantation. Launch date expected towards the end of 2017.