Ashleigh Mounger

Ashleigh Mounger – SC, USA

Age 29  |  Liver Recipient

Growing up Ashleigh was always active in multiple sports and a very competitive athlete. She attended college and earned degrees in both Exercise Science and Psychology so that she could encourage and educate others about the importance of being healthy and fit both physically and mentally. In 2007, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic metabolic liver disease called Wilson’s Disease which created obstacles on her path of staying active and healthy. She had to take a step back from being as competitive as she once was and turned her focus to coaching athletes. Since her liver transplant in June 2015, which was made possible thanks to her living donor, her sister Marisa, she has been living her life to the fullest.

Ashleigh started her fitness and healthy lifestyle journey 3 weeks post-transplant when she walked in her first 5km race ever, alongside her family and friends at the Donor Dash in Denver, Colorado. She also remains

active chasing around her beautiful and very active 2-year-old daughter and being a full-time mommy. Since that first 5K, she returned to coaching gymnastics and tumbling, a sport that she grew up competing in at a Junior Olympic level. She coaches 6 days a week and usually pushes herself to workout with home DVDs 3-5 days a week.

Her goal to stay fit is not only to challenge herself physically but to also make sure she has mental strength and nourishes her body through ideal portions. “It’s so important to educate and encourage yourself to push past what you think your limits are, as well as encouraging others to do the same.” Ashleigh believes in living life to the fullest, being active and staying as healthy as you can. “Our heroes said “yes” to organ and tissue donation, so that we can live, so let’s honor those gifts and wear our scars with pride and get FIT by staying active and eating healthy.” Ashleigh is hoping to compete in her first World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain in 2017.