Governance Overview

The WTGF has a governance committee that oversees the management and ensures the adherence to good governance and principles of the Federation. The WTGF Constitution is the set of fundamental principles, guidelines, and established precedents on which the Federation is governed.

Over the next year the WTGF will release a series of newsletters focussed on governance-related subjects.

Newsletter 1: Membership at the WTGF


The WTGF Constitution is the set of fundamental principles and established precedents according to which the Federation is governed. The new WTGF Constitution was agreed by the membership at the General Assembly in Málaga, Spain on 29 June 2017.

WTGF Manifesto

1. WTGF Supports live and deceased organ donation for transplantation by consenting persons or their families. WTGF promotes ethical organ donation and transplantation. WTGF considers that transplant tourism is ethically wrong and is opposed to organ trafficking and trading in any form whatsoever.


2. WTGF’s principle aim is to raise public awareness of the benefits of organ donation by demonstrating the health benefits that can be achieved through physical activities and sport after organ transplantation. WTGF wishes to educate the public about organ donation principles and to highlight the worldwide shortage of donor organs for transplantation.


3. WTGF contributes to the full rehabilitation of organ transplant recipients by providing facilities for physical fitness through recreation and sport. The WTGF promotes recovery after surgery, the return to quality of life, and the international collaboration and friendship through sporting events for the transplant recipient community.


4. WTGF supports the creation of an ‘illegal and non-prescribed drugs free sport environment’ for all athletes in conjunction with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).


5. WTGF asserts that all people but particularly transplanted recipients should have the opportunity without discrimination to practice their chosen sports fairly and with dignity without reference to race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, politics or age.

Child Protection Policy

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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

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Social Media Guidelines

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General Event Policy

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