About the Athletes Advisory Commission

Athletes Advisory Commission


The role of the Athletes Advisory Commission (AAC) is to help to inform the Sports Committee and WTGF Board as to the intricacies and particulars of specific sports conducted at the World Transplant Games.



  1. To foster a closer relationship between the athletes and the WTGF.
  2. To involve more athletes in the WTGF movement.
  3. To serve as a panel of individuals who can share expertise in their sports.
  4. To act as a source of expert opinion and reference for the Sports Committee in all aspects related to sport.
  5. To be available to assist the Judiciary in cases of dispute or appeal where the Judiciary does not have complete clarity or knowledge.


AAC committee members will be asked questions related to expertise about their specific sport. They may be required to advise on the following:

  1. The technical aspects of each sport including:
    a. Equipment
    b. Uniforms
    c. Bibs (e.g. color coding by age and coding for triathletes)
    d. Athletic field, court, swimming pool, course
  2. Issues relevant to all of the sports including:
    a. Code of conduct
    b. Competition Schedule
    c. The Judiciary Process
  3. The AAC will consult on the preparation and follow-up on the summer and winter games.
  4. The AAC can suggest guidelines for each sport based on the international federation rules for each sport (e.g. International Association of Athletics Federation – IAAF). The goal is to make the games as professional as possible.


AAC members serve a two year term during which they will be consulted before, during, and after the World Transplant Games. AAC members will act solely in an advisory capacity and will not represent the WTGF in any official capacity. Members of a specific sport discipline will be consulted when the Sport Committee has a particular question about that sport.


AAC members must have expertise in their sport and must intend to compete in the next World Transplant Games. Interested AAC members must submit a brief application explaining their interest and any previous/present experience in sport administration relevant to their wish to serve on the AAC.


Interested AAC members must submit an application. Team Managers will be consulted on all applicants. The WTGF Sports Committee will share the list of finalists to the Executive Committee who will appoint AAC members. Three athletes per sport representing three separate countries will be ideally appointed. The selection of members will be based on sport knowledge, sport commitment, and in some cases members will be chosen to ensure the broadest possible representation.


The WTGF Executive Committee reserves the right to replace members of the AAC at any time.


Members of the AAC may be consulted during the World Transplant Games to assist the judiciary. If an issue arises, it is the duty of the onsite sport judge to resolve the problems. If that is not possible, the issue will be referred to a member of the Judiciary who may call upon an AAC member for input. Since AAC members come from three separate countries, the Judiciary will not allow any conflict of interest as far as the requesting input from an AAC member. AAC members should have strong English speaking and writing skills.


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