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Spain’s National Transplant Football team forms part of the Asociación Deporte y Trasplante España (DyTE). The team comprises solid organ and allogeneic bone marrow transplant members and follows the guidelines and standards of the World Transplant Football program of the WTGF.

The National Transplant Football Team was created in 2017 after hosting a Football exhibition match between transplanted athletes from WTGF member countries at the opening of the XXI World Transplant Games, held in Malaga, Spain, in 2017.

Currently, there are approximately 30 transplant recipients who make up the team.

Team Spain intends to attend the 1st Transplant Football World Cup.



Every 3 / 4 months, the association has a series of events focused on Football. These include training sessions, friendly matches, and tournaments focussed on bringing everyone together. These events are held to bring hope to those waiting for transplants, promote the message of organ and tissue donation and show what can be achieved post-transplant.

Many of these events are held between transplant recipients and local veteran football teams.

In addition, they hold talks and round table discussions and distribute information on organ and tissue donation at all events. Administrators of local organisations are invited to attend. They aim to secure local media presence from the press, radio, digital media, and RRSS to try to raise publicity for the events.




DyTE Association uses these activities to develop its objective and purpose as a non-profit Association to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of organ, tissue, bone marrow and blood donation.
  • To thank donors and their families.
  • Transmit a message of hope to all people going through an illness requiring a transplant.
  • To promote health and sports among transplant recipients as a healthy lifestyle habit.



The National Transplant Football team usually plays 11-a-side Soccer, but since this year’s WTGF Transplant Football World Cup will be in a 7-a-side Soccer format, they are conducting 7-a-side Football training sessions and matches.




This being the 1st 7-a-side Football World Cup means a selection of partner players will be carried out. A Football Technical Committee will determine who will represent the DyTE Association. To do this, DyTE has a grading system where aspects such as experience, trajectory and involvement; individual and team issues; and technical and sporting aspects are valued.

Get involved


DyTE welcomes all to get involved, attend football events and work with the organisation. To get involved:

Contact Football DyTE Association, Team Manager: Alberto Carmona.


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