About Fit for Life!


Fit For Life!

‘More transplant recipients, more active, more often’.

The WTGF proudly presents the Fit for Life!, initiative with an aim to elevate the importance of physical activity and organised sport at all levels in the long term management and well-being of transplant recipients.

The importance of a transplant recipient remaining as ‘healthy around their transplanted organ as possible’ through physical activity has been confirmed by research. Our mission is to assist recipients to rehabilitate and focus on their fitness, health and well-being.

To date we have achieved this aim through the delivery of the Summer and Winter Transplant Games.  These global events, recognised as the pinnacle of transplant sports, provide an opportunity for recipients to improve their fitness, to undertake sport in a competitive but safe and friendly environment, and to benchmark their own sports performance.

Apart from our international games, the “Fit for Life!, initiative is designed to help transition recipients from a life of sedentary and protective behavior immediately post-transplant to a full and active life centered on physical activity and organised sport regardless of additional or adjacent medical treatment.

Fit for Life! is designed to help transplant recipients make this transition. Please view here for a glimpse of the exciting Fit for Life! initiatives.


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