Medals are awarded to all first, second and third place podium winners for each sport and age group. Apart from winning a medal, there is also the opportunity to win a WTGF Special Sports Award.


Sports Awards

The  WTGF Outstanding Athlete and Outstanding Junior Athlete  Awards  are  presented to a man and a woman and a boy and a girl respectively who have been nominated by their team manager and selected by the Judiciary Committee using the following criteria:


  • Performance (number of  medals  won)
  • Quality (strength of competition)
  • Diversity (achievements in multiple sports)
  • Sportsmanship

The  WTGF  Outstanding Team Award  recognizes a team whose athletes have won the most  medals  relative to the team size.  A minimum of 20 athletes is required for consideration for this Award.

The Award will be determined by granting points for each medal earned by athletes at the Games (three for gold, two for silver, one for bronze), and then by dividing the number of points earned by each team by the number of athletes on the team.  Doubles, team and relay  
medals  count as one medal.

In addition, the  Maurice Slapak Award  for the Men’s 5k Road Race Team and the  Peter Griffin Award  for the Men’s Freestyle Swimming Relay Team are also presented.

The  Maurice Slapak Award  was introduced in 2007 at the World Transplant Games in Bangkok to be presented to the winning team in the Men’s 5km Road Race.

The  Peter Griffin Award  was introduced at the World Transplant Games in Gold Coast, Australia 2009 for the winning team of the Men’s Swimming Freestyle Relay.

The  Orien Young Award  was introduced in 2017 at the World Transplant Games in Malaga to be presented to the winning team in the Men’s 4 x 100m Relay on the track.