The First World Transplant Virtual Golf Challenge Tees Off

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After a worldwide pandemic haltered the opportunity for our transplant community to come together at the Summer and Winter Games in the usual way, the World Transplant Games Federation continues to provide new virtual events to our global community.

Our aim at the Federation is to remain engaged with our transplant community, promote awareness around the importance of organ donation and transplantation, and to keep everyone moving!

With the highly successful Billion Steps Challenge and the 5KAnyWay virtual event, we are excited to announce the launch of our very first global World Transplant Virtual Golf Challenge.

Golf has been one of the largest represented sports at the World Transplant Games for the last 30+ years. Transplant athletes from around the world, of all ages and abilities, traditionally come together to celebrate life through the game of Golf.

Golf provides an excellent resource for recipients to engage in exercise, enjoy the outdoors, build camaraderie, and challenge themselves.

Many golfers have attributed golf as a great contributor to their recovery. Not only does golf provide physical exercise which aids in their muscle recovery, but it also offers a positive mental outlet for the ongoing challenges recipients face in their recovery.

The World Transplant Virtual Golf Challenge runs from the 1st August – 30th September 2021 and invites participants from around the world to compete against fellow golfers in this global virtual event.

The Challenge fee is $10 per registration and is open to everyone in our transplant community with two competing categories: Transplant Recipients and Transplant Community Supporters (Living Donor, Donor family, Health Professional, Family, Friends).

All handicaps are welcome, with golfers registering in four handicap band categories:

  • 0 – 8
  • 9 – 16
  • 17 – 27
  • 28 and over

The Golf Challenge requires golfers to complete their round of 18-hole golf at their chosen local course and submit their scores online and share photos of themselves on course. Participants can play as many rounds of golf as they like during the challenge period, submit multiple scores and win prizes and medals in their category and handicap band.

The format is a normal Strokeplay Medal Competition where one plays every hole complete. Net Score Competition rules apply (ie: Play until you sink the ball and deduct your handicap to determine the outcome).

Registration remains open for the duration of the challenge period, and we look forward to seeing our global transplant community coming together once again to celebrate the gift of life.

More information and to register for the first World Transplant Virtual Golf Challenge can be found here