Media Release: Exciting Relaunch of the Refit For Life! Program

An online Rehabilitation and Wellness program for all transplant recipients

Today the WTGF announced the exciting relaunch of the free online Rehabilitation & Wellness program “Refit for Life!” for transplant recipients around the world.
The Refit for Life! Toolkit is a functional resource designed to help recipients improve their overall quality of life. The toolkit includes a Rehabilitation Program, aimed at newly transplanted recipients or those at the start of their fitness journey, and a new Wellness Series, tailored for all recipients looking to improve their fitness levels or try something new. Both programs aim to encourage all recipients to stay active and motivated by offering guidance in the areas of various physical activities, mental wellbeing and nutrition.

“Transplantation is an area of medicine that falls outside of traditional care models. Recipients are given back their health but must strive to regain fitness, to re-enter the workforce and learn about living with a transplant.” Said Chris Thomas, WTGF President. Refit for Life! aims to help transplant recipients regain their confidence and overcome physical and wellbeing issues. This practical toolkit aims to help every transplant recipient have a greater quality of life.

The Rehabilitation Program includes an Exercise Series consisting of free downloadable exercise programs with guidelines and instructional videos. Each program is relevant to a transplant type, and includes a workout program with warm up’s, conditioning exercises, cardio and warm downs. The improved Exercise Series is built on 4 levels of ability, allowing the participant to choose where to start and move through the levels at their own pace. Each exercise is supported by an instructional video showing the correct way and posture for completing the exercise. The current exercise program is focussed on a beginner to intermediate level of fitness, making it suitable for new transplant recipients or those who are at the start of their fitness journey. In time, this series will grow to include additional exercise programs focussed on more advanced fitness levels.

The introduction of a new Wellness Series brings a variety of on demand courses focussed on holistic healing: physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. These courses offer 8 – 10 online video classes aimed at all recipients looking to try something new and feel a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. These courses have been designed by people who understand the journey of a transplant recipient and specialise in treating the body as a whole, with the goal of helping to reduce stress and anxiety, increasing your productivity, and improving your health and fitness.

“The mind, body, and emotions are not separate, but perfectly symbiotic; what happens to one, affects the others. So what could be better than to facilitate coherence and healing between them all.” Said Tina Clarke, one of the Wellness Series instructors.

Some of the exciting courses on offer include Beginners Yoga, Mindfulness, Somatic Therapy, and Stretch & Flexibility. The Wellness Series will soon offer Pilates, Nutrition and Sports Psychology series in the near future.

Refit for Life! was originally launched in 2018 as a pilot program built on the foundations of education, motivation, tracking and assessment. The web-based program invites recipients to register and access a portal of free exercise programs and wellness courses. The improved Refit for Life! includes as easier registration process, simple assessment tools and an expanded library of resources and courses, with new courses being added regularly.

Coupled with the revamp is an extensive promotional program aimed at targeting transplant units around the world. All member countries will be offered the opportunity to promote the program on their own websites and social media and work alongside the World Transplant Games Federation as a supporting partner.

The WTGF is committed to finding sponsors and partners to ensure the continual growth of this program and in time hopes to take Refit for Life to an APP format and provide the program in multiple languages.

A snapshot of Refit for Life!:

The Rehabilitation Program includes:

  • Progressive Exercise Series
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Mental Wellbeing Advice
  • Assessment & Tracking Tools

The Wellness Program includes:

  • Free Online Video Classes
  • Stretching, Flexibility, Beginners Yoga Series
  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Embodiment Series
  • And more coming soon!

The WTGF thanks founding partners Astellas who provided the seed funding to establish the original concept, and Novartis who provided the funding to establish the Wellness Series.

The Federation also acknowledges and thanks the panel of medical experts and all contributors for their support in building this program.

For more information and to start the program, please visit