The History of the Games

The first competitive sporting event for transplant recipients took place in Portsmouth, England in 1978 with around 99 competitors from the UK, France, Germany, Greece and the USA.

Today we the hold the Summer World Transplant Games every two years and the Winter Games in the intervening years.  In 1987 the World Transplant Games Federation was officially formed and now has nearly 70 member countries worldwide.

The competitors to our games are unique in that each one of them is alive and well as a result of a successful organ transplant.
The Games embrace all ages, anyone from 4 – 80 years old who qualifies is welcome to participate.

The Summer Games have been held in countries around the world with the most recent games being in NewcastleGateshead, UK 2019; Malaga, Spain 2017; Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 2015 and Durban, South Africa 2013.The next Summer World Transplant Games will be held in Houston, USA 2021. There are over 50 events to suit all capabilities including Athletics, Tenpin Bowling, Swimming, Racquet Sports, Golf, Volleyball, Lawn Bowls and Cycling. The standards of these games can be high. The 100 meters has a record of 11.18 seconds and the long jump 6.85metres!

The Winter World Transplant Games were introduced in 1994 and include a competition called the Nicholas Cup – an event specifically designed to give transplanted children the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of

skiing for the first time under supervised conditions. The Winter Games are held at ski resorts and involve sporting disciplines such as Biathlon, curling, slalom events and snowboarding.

A full record of all Summer World Transplant Games can be viewed here and all World Transplant Winter Games here.

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