Are you competing in the Games for the first time?

Help us understand the importance of taking part in the Games for your health self-management.


What we’re doing

Many transplant recipients see sport and exercise as an important way of maintaining their health. Taking part in events like Transplant Games can often facilitate social relationships which can provide participants with the knowledge and support to sustain their own health.

The purpose of our research is to find out to what extent participating in the Transplant Games has the capacity to impact on transplant recipients individual social networks (what we call sociograms) and how changes in these social networks may impact on individuals’ identity, health knowledge and ability to self-manage.

Take part

To be eligible for this study you must be:

  • Aged 16 years or older
  • Have received an organ transplant
  • Have recently participated in a national Games or are looking to participate in a national or World Transplant Games for the first time


What’s involved

This study consists of 4 x 1-hour sessions over the course of an 18-month duration. If you agree to participate, your total time commitment will be approximately 4 hours. Below is an outline of what to expect at each stage;

During the interviews, you will be asked questions about your experiences throughout transplantation focusing on; self-management, social identity, transplant knowledge, your experiences of Transplant Games and your perceptions of your individual social network and relationships.

What you’ll get

Eligible participants who complete all four sessions of the study will receive:

  • A detailed map of your personal social network
  • Insight into your individual support network
  • You will also be contributing to important research about the health and well-being of transplant recipients


To take part, email

Carl Bescoby is a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Bath Department for Health, United Kingdom.