A NEW WAY TO SAY THANKS…WTGF “Thank You” blog is launched

WTGF are proud to launch a new social media tool where recipients can post messages of thanks for their second chance at life. The messages can be in the form of a video, poetry, artwork, anything that inspires you.

You might like to give thanks for:

– ‘My new lease of life’

– ‘Seeing my son play football’

– ‘Seeing my daughter walk down the aisle’

– ‘Holding my newborn baby’

– ‘The extra 25 years I have had so far through the greatest gift of all’

It really is up to you.

We are hoping recipients will send in videos promoting the universal nature of donation – through being filmed in front of iconic country locations. Alternatively you might like to wear clothes symbolic of your national dress, or record a message of thanks in your own language.

There will also be a chance to record videos at the Durban Games.

Please visit www.transplantthankyou.wordpress.com to get started.