Winter Games bidding open newsletter

The World Transplant Games Federation

announces that bidding is now open for the Winter World Transplant Games 2018 and 2020

Dear Country Representative:

The Winter World Transplant Games has been a part of the WTGF for more than 20 years, since it first debuted at Tignes, France. Since then the event has been hosted by the US, Poland, and Finland, and by Switzerland and France multiple times. The Winter Games provide a unique competitive opportunity for international transplant athletes whose sports interests are in winter activities, and also an additional opportunity for athletes who may also be participating in the (summer) World Transplant Games in alternate years.

The Winter World Transplant Games is likewise a unique opportunity for a country to promote the need for more organ donors and help celebrate the gift of life. The World Transplant Games Federation remains committed to insuring the success and growth of this special event and is actively seeking to partner with national governments, national donor promotion agencies, regional governments, and cities to expand and build this event to the next level.

As you know, the Federation has put in place substantial additional resources to build the organization and its events and activities. The expansion of the Federation’s secretariat has meant that there is a huge increase in available support to local organizing committees to stage our events as well as establishing new programming and activities in line with our “Fit for Life” global initiative.

As part of the renewal of our events and activities, the bidding process for the Winter World Transplant Games has been revised and expanded to provide greater insight into the successful staging of the event, to reflect the services that the Federation will provide to the event, including the online registration system and the professional experience and expertise of Federation staff.

As part of this expansion, the WTGF has introduced a modest host fee to help recover costs of our resources dedicated to ensuring the success of the Winter Games. The recommended host fee for 2018 bidders is $US10,000 and in 2020 $US12,000, which if desired can be paid in instalments which will be negotiated with the successful bidder. This fee is in comparison with the host fee of $US150,000 for the world summer Games.

The bidding process and timeline are discussed in the Winter Games bid documents, which are available here. Briefly, bids for the 2018 and 2020 Games are now being accepted, with a bid deadline of 30 September. The sites for the 2018 and 2020 Games will be announced on or about 15 December.

We hope that many of our full member countries will bid to host the 2018 and/or 2020 Winter World Transplant Games and we assure you that we will work with the successful bidders to ensure the success of our Winter Games and just as importantly to be a visible demonstration to the host country of the success of organ transplantation and the tremendous need for organ donation.

If you have any questions on the submission of a bid for the Games, please contact Kim Renyard, WTGF Executive Manager at:

Kind Regards
Chris Thomas
The World Transplant Games Federation