What is The Billion Steps Challenge


Billion Steps Challenge 2018 coming soon


What is The Billion Steps Challenge?

  • The Billion Steps Challenge aims to help everyone in the transplant community to take the first step to a life of activity and movement.
  • Regular walking is recognized by the World Health Organisation as a key ingredient to living a longer and healthier life.
  • The Billion Step Challenge encourages everyone who is part of the transplant community to sign up into small teams with the aim of walking regularly and counting those steps to a collective total.
  • We want to show the world that those living with a transplant are serious about their health and the precious gift they have been given. What better way than to walk a collective billion steps!
  • The Billion Step Challenge will see teams of between three and 10 people logging their daily step count.
  • We are partnering with Stridekick, which integrates with most fitness trackers however manual entries will also be an option for those who do not have a fitness tracker.
  • Teams can be made up of many different combinations including but not limited to transplant recipients, medical professionals, living donors and donor families, extended relations, colleagues, neighbours, etc.
  • There is no age limit and no experience needed. It starts by putting your best foot forward.

Explaining the teams!

  • In this challenge, we encourage our worldwide transplant community to rally together and create their own teams to be part of this challenge. With a minimum of 3 people and maximum of 10 people per team, you can invite transplant recipients, friends, family, medical professionals or colleagues to be part of your team.
  • Come up with a team name and nominate a team “Captain”.
  • The Team Captain will complete their registration first, come up with the team name, insert a fun picture and then share the team name with their team mates. All other team members can then register and select to join their team by following the specific web link.
  • Each team member will log in their daily step count by syncing their devices or manually adding their steps. The Stridekick app and website will display how your team compares to all the other teams based on step averages. We’ll be sending out messages to show how countries are performing and ultimately how your team’s steps are contributing towards the overall target of 1 BILLION STEPS.

What’s in it for me?

  • A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but it’s especially important after an organ transplant. Poor lifestyle habits can increase the risk of organ rejection.
  • The Billion Steps Challenge is designed to motivate transplant recipients to get active. We also recognize the benefits for the entire transplant community.
  • This challenge is part of the greater Fit for Life! initiative which is designed to help transplant recipients live full and active lives through ongoing physical activity and participation in organized sports.
  • It’s a fun initiative which calls for participation from not only the recipients, but also the families, medical staff, donors and friends who support them on their transplant journey.
  • This challenge is designed to motivate us all in a fun and interactive way to exercise within our means, starting with some simple goals, such as walking around the block and building towards more ambitious goals.

Are there any prizes for winning teams?

  • Everyone wins the ultimate prize – a healthier and longer life where they can see their family more often, perhaps they can walk their daughter down the aisle or finish school or college; take up a new career or just simply enjoy more family time.
  • The winning teams and country will be recognised on the website. So not only will you get to live longer, you will also get recognised for your commitment. That is the ultimate prize.

Thank you for joining us on this Challenge, we are so happy to have you on board!