What is The Billion Steps Challenge?

Let’s STEP UP to the Challenge, let’s STEP IN to greater wellbeing, Let’s STEP OUT and get moving! Let’s get FIT FOR LIFE!

United and Powered by the Gift of Life!
The Billion Steps Challenge is back…


We invite you to join our ambitious goal to trek TO THE MOON & BACK
and create awareness for organ donation and transplantation


10 weeks – One Billion Steps!

What is The Billion Steps Challenge?

  • The Billion Steps Challenge aims to encourage everyone in the transplant community to take the first step towards a life of activity and movement.
  • Regular exercise not only benefits physical health but also boosts mental well-being.
  • We want to show the world that those living with a transplant are serious about their health and the precious gift they have been given. What better way than to walk a collective billion steps to the moon and back?
  • The Billion Step Challenge invites everyone to sign up into small teams of between 2 and 5 people, with the aim of walking and exercising regularly and counting those steps to add to a collective total.
  • We are partnering with MoveSpring, an online fitness platform which integrates with most fitness trackers however manual entries will also be an option for those who do not have a fitness tracker.
  • A Challenge Link is provided below to direct you register on the MoveSpring platform – either using your mobile device or your internet browser.
  • All physical activities count and can be converted to steps with our Activity to Steps Convertor guide. This means a cycle, swim or yoga class can all be easily converted to steps. Every step counts!
  • The challenge is open to everyone. Teams can be made up of many different combinations including but not limited to transplant recipients, medical professionals, living donors and donor families, friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.
  • There is no age limit and no experience needed. It starts by taking the first step to a more active and healthy life.

Explaining the teams!

  • With a min of 2 / max 5 people per team –all teams combinations are encouraged, including but not limited to transplant recipients, medical professionals, living donors and donor families, friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours.
  • Nominate a Team “Captain” and come up with a team name & profile picture – have fun!
  • The Team Captain should register first for their MoveSpring account & create your team.
  • All other team members can then sign up, find and join their team.
  • Your team name must include your abbreviated country initials after the team name, for example: a South African team will be Step Up – ZAF”, a team from Canada will be Team Steppers – CAN”.
  • Click here for a list of country names and abbreviations.
  • Each team member will log in their daily step count by syncing their devices or manually adding their steps and your totals will be added to your Teams and the Billion Steps Challenge count.
  • The MoveSpring mobile app and website will display how your team compares to all the other teams based on step averages.
  • Teams or individual participants can create their own internal mini challenges (max 10 participants) using the MoveSpring platform, to engage and encourage others to keep active.
  • We’ll be sending out regular messages to show how countries are performing and ultimately how your teams steps are contributing towards the overall target of ONE BILLION STEPS.

What’s in it for me?

  • A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but it’s especially important after an organ transplant. Poor lifestyle habits can increase the risk of organ rejection.
  • The Challenge is designed to motivate transplant recipients to get active. We also recognize the benefits for the entire transplant community.
  • Covid-19 may have kept many of us apart with restrictions on social interactions and travel but this challenge allows us to come together as a community, promote organ donation & transplantation and get active.
  • This challenge is part of the greater Fit for Life! initiative which is designed to help transplant recipients live full and active lives through ongoing physical activity and participation in organized sports.
  • This challenge aims to motivate everyone in a fun and interactive way to exercise within their means, starting with some simple goals, such as walking around the block and building towards more ambitious goals.

Are there any prizes for winning teams?

  • Everyone wins the ultimate prize – a healthier, happier and longer life.
  • Increasing public awareness around organ donation and transplantation is a winning situation for our transplant community.
  • The World Transplant Games Federation will be running fun weekly challenges with prizes up for grabs.
  • The winning teams and country will be recognised on our website and social media platforms. Not only will you get to live longer, you will also get recognised for your commitment.

Ready to join the challenge?

Click the button below to be directed to MoveSpring to set up your account.
All great expeditions start with a single step…can we do ONE BILLION?

Help us to make a difference #PoweredbytheGiftofLife