MEDIA RELEASE: WTGF Governance and Leadership Update

The World Transplant Games Federation is well placed for the future with a new Constitution and key members of its Executive re-confirmed at the recent World Transplant Games in Spain.

WTGF President Chris Thomas today thanked Member Country Representatives at the General Assembly Spain for their unanimous vote in the adoption of new Articles of Association to replace the Federation’s old Constitution.

The new Articles are the result of a comprehensive review of the governance health of the Federation. Last year the Federation incorporated in the United Kingdom as a Company with Limited Liability.

They were formally adopted on Thursday, June 29, at the General Assembly, in Malaga, Spain.

“The previous Constitution had served the Federation well however as an organisation staging world class events with budgets in excess of US$5 million every two years it was well and truly time for a comprehensive review and update,” Mr Thomas said.

“This is an essential step to ensure we can operate and conduct the World Transplant Games with the necessary legal safeguards in place. It is important to note that until now the Federation had not put in place any legal structure.

“This new Constitution has been based on the model constitution provided under the UK Charities Commission and once adopted, it will allow us to apply to be registered as a charity in the UK.”

As part of the change the old Council now becomes a Board of Trustees. Key aspects of the old Constitution have been preserved with a maximum of 13 trustees and only one trustee from each member country.

Mr Thomas said an important change involved a commitment made when he became President. That related to the term of office for the position of President.

“Under this new Constitution, a President will only be able to serve two terms of four years consecutively before he or she must step down from the Executive. This will help to promote renewal and growth for the Federation in years to come,” Mr Thomas.

He also congratulated his fellow Executive Members who were re-confirmed in their positions unopposed at the first meeting of the new Board.

Liver transplant recipient from Switzerland Liz Schick was re-nominated to the position of Honorary Secretary while Colin White from Ireland was re-nominated to the position of Treasurer. Both will now serve four year terms.

“Our Federation has achieved many goals in the past two years. It has been a privilege to lead and implement these changes however credit must really go to the entire Executive and the support of our Board. Liz and Colin are wonderful leaders in their own right and every member of our worldwide transplant family should be thankful we have people of this calibre putting their hand up to voluntarily lead our Federation.”

Mr Thomas thanked the following people for their assistance in the constitutional review and adoption of the new Articles of Association:

Members of the Governance Committee –
Willie Uys, Olivier Coustere and Raymond Van Ryckel
Andy Eddy, Chairman of TSUK
Jane Whitfield, solicitor, from Barrett & Co.
Kim Renyard, Federation Executive Manager
Gary Green, Executive Sports Manager
Karen Cole, Administrative Officer.

Further information:

WTGF – Kim Renyard (

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