Welcome to the Refit for Life rehabilitation program for transplant recipients.

You will find different exercise plans designed to help you get active again after your transplant. The program includes plans for 4 different levels of ability, ensuring there is help for everyone in your activity journey.

What does the program include?

A short and simple walking program to get you moving again. Includes some basic mobility exercises to loosen things up for the upcoming modules.

An interval walking program building your cardiovascular fitness.  Includes an introduction to some basic strengthening and toning exercises as well as some stretching exercises.

Longer duration walking intervals as we start to increase your cardiovascular fitness.  An introduction to full body strengthening and stretches of the major muscle groups.

Walking program with increased intervals of up to 35 minutes duration.  Includes a complex full body strength and toning program, with relevant stretches.

You can choose which level you start at depending on your personal fitness journey.

Move up a level when you feel ready, we recommended 6 weeks per level.

Have you got the all clear?

Before you register for this rehabilitation program, you must get the all clear from your Health Care Professional. You will be asked to sign a declaration in the registration process confirming that you received medical clearance to commence Excersising.

Track your progress

It is always helpful (but not mandatory) to work alongside a Sports Therapist (Physiotherapist, Biokineticist, Personal Trainer, etc.) who will be able to carry out more specific tests and assessments throughout your exercise journey.

Tracking your progress is always helpful. Make a note of your starting weight, measurements, and objectives so you can compare results as you progress. Perhaps download the Refit Tracking Journal to help you along the way.

Refit Tracking Journal
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