Move Right!  Think Right!  Eat Right!

The Refit for Life! Program is designed to enhance both physical and emotional wellbeing. Whether you’re a transplant recipient, living donor or family member, explore our range of exercise routines and wellness practises to support your journey towards improved quality of life. From rehabilitation to holistic healing, empower yourself with tools to manage stress, improve fitness and feel a greater sense of wellbeing.

Move Right!

Regular physical exercise is vital for everyone, especially for transplant recipients to help promote optimal health and wellbeing. Explore our range of exercise series which offers post-transplant rehabilitation programs to more advanced fitness routines.

The Rehabilitation Exercise Program is designed to help you get active post-transplant. The program includes downloadable exercise plans and accompanying guidance videos for 4 different levels of ability. You can choose which level you start at depending on your personal fitness journey. Move up a level when you feel ready, we recommended 6 weeks per level.

Level 1 – Let’s get moving! (I’ve just had my transplant): A short and simple walking program to get you moving again. Includes some basic mobility exercises to loosen things up for the upcoming modules.

Level 2 – Off the Marks! (Beginner): An interval walking program building your cardiovascular fitness. Includes an introduction to some basic strengthening and toning exercises as well as some stretching exercises.

Level 3 – Building Blocks! (Moderate): Longer duration walking/jogging intervals as we start to increase your cardiovascular fitness. It also includes a full body strengthening workout to active all major muscle groups.

Level 4 – Final Straights! (Intermediate): Walking/jogging program with increased intervals of up to 35 minutes duration. Includes a complex full body strength and toning program, with relevant stretches.

8-part video series designed to help you build strength and unlock movement and flexibility in your body, Feel stronger and improve your quality of life by transforming your body in the right way.

10-part video series created specifically for the Transplant Community will gradually take you through a mix of movements and postures, in a flowing style, starting from the foundation to standing movement and some simple breath practices.

Low impact 8-part video series designed to help strengthen and stabilize your core while improving your posture, flexibility and mobility.

This 6-part series will target different areas of your body in fun 20-minute workout sessions. Increase your strength and endurance while using different equipment (dumbbells, stretch band, resistance ring) and body weight exercises.

Think Right!

Mental health practises help to regulate ones emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. Our range of video classes are designed to support your journey to an improved quality of life, by unlocking your own inner power to feel a greater sense of ease in your every day life.

8 week video course introducing you to the basics of mindfulness , creating an opportunity to observe your own mind and body and apply meditation practises to assist you in the areas of stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

10 week video course using body-centered therapeutic practices that looks at the connection of both the mind and the body when healing from a life-altering experience.

An 8-part series created to give you practical strategies and key skills to help you to adopt new positive behaviors, build mental strength and enthusiastically commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Transplant Coaching is an action-based practice that helps you recognise your needs and what areas in your life need attention in order to restore a healthy balance.

Eat Right!

Nutrition plays a vital role in supporting your recovering, healing and ongoing longevity. Eating wholesome, nutritious, clean, and preferably mostly home-cooked food, will help ensure optimal nutrition.

This series is designed to help you navigate the complex world of food and nutrition and show you how food can be both delicious and nutritious while achieving your health goals.

Explore our detailed dietary guidelines for optimal health post- transplant.

Improve your fitness, wellbeing and overall quality of life.