Sports Rules

Games Rules

Please click the following link to read the rules of participation in the World Transplant Winter Games: View the Rules

Competitors will be allowed to enter a total of five individual competitions. They will be allowed to enter Team competitions in addition to their individual events.

However, it is suggested that each Competitor carefully consider his/her own physical condition in order to avoid late cancellations for physical reasons.

When submitting the online registration, competitors should be careful to avoid registering for competitions where the programme schedules more than one competition concurrently.

No competition registration changes are allowed after 10 January 2020 

Age Categories

  • Competitors will compete by gender in the following age groups (age on the day of the Opening Ceremony of the Games will apply):

    18-29 years
    30-39 years
    40-49 years
    50-59 years
    60-69 years
    70 and over
  • All competitions are to be age categorised, except Team and Donor competitions.


  • 8-11 years
    12-14 years
    15-17 years
    9-17 years
  • Juniors from 15-17 years are permitted to compete in the adult age event.