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Press articles from around the world relating to transplantation will be posted here. Please send articles from your country to the WTGF Office and we will add them.
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Finian returns from European Transplant Games with silver medal


Transplant Team Ireland won a 54 medals – 11 gold, 20 silver and 23 bronze – at the 10th European Transplant and Dialysis Championships in Cagliari.

Balbriggan couple triumph at Euro Transplant Games


BALBRIGGAN has provided both the manager of Team Ireland and the games best female athlete at a triumphant 10th European Transplant & Dialysis Championships in Cagliari.

The National Transplant Games 2018


The Faculty of Health Sciences at Nelson Mandela University supported the National Transplant Games that took place on the 13th and 14th of July 2018 in Port Elizabeth.