The camp will be operated by Viamonde (see, who are based in Anzère and who are highly regarded in the international school community.

Viamonde’s staff come from all over the world and are professional, enthusiastic and caring. They are chosen for their experience working with children and are all qualified and/or highly experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Viamonde takes safety extremely seriously and works closely with Anzère’s mountain personnel to ensure that the skiing is as safe as possible. Obviously, skiing is not without risks, but small group sizes (average counsellor ratio 1:8) and experienced staff ensure that accidents are extremely rare.

The children never ski or snowboard without a counsellor and the daily programme includes important warm-up exercises at the start of the day, as well as regular breaks for a rest and a hot drink. Important health considerations, such as drinking lots of fluids and protection from the sun, are taught during the arrival day briefing, and the counsellors make regular checks throughout the day to ensure these are followed.

All Viamonde’s counsellors carry mobile telephones as well as a comprehensive first aid kit and they have been trained in basic first aid and CPR.