The Nicholas Cup is an event for transplant recipient children organized as part of the World Transplant Winter Games.  All children participating in this week are required to stay with their national team in their chosen accommodation.  Children enrolling into the Nicholas Cup week attend a “Day Camp” during the daytime hours where they participate in skiing and other fun activities.

The “Nicholas Cup” week combines ski lessons with social activities and other winter sports such as snowshoeing, cross country, swimming, horse sledding, dog sledding, a fancy-dress party, karaoke or talent contest, arts and crafts, local visits etc… Besides learning to ski, the participants meet other young recipients with similar life experiences, form friendships and gain self-confidence. At the end of each day they will return to stay with their national team in their chosen accommodation.

The week ends with the Nicholas Cup race which will be held on the morning of Friday 28 February.

All kids aged 4-17 are eligible to participate in the Nicholas Cup and every child will receive a medal.

All skiing equipment is provided by the LOC to Nicholas Cup participants. Children should wear helmets for skiing and sledding activities and any other activities where the team thinks a helmet would be appropriate.

Children must be accompanied or travel with their official national team.

This is NOT a live in camp. Children are required to book accommodation seperately with their teams.

One free Nicholas Cup place per country is offered, but a condition is that children benefiting from this free place have never skied or snowboarded previously and are, therefore, complete beginners.

Please follow the Games registration process and medical requirements to register for the Nicholas Cup Week