Nicholas Green Camp

This residential camp is offered at separate accommodation to that provided to competitors and accompanying persons, but is an integral part of the Winter World Transplant Games.

A seven year-old boy from California, Nicholas Green, was killed by highway robbers in 1994 while vacationing in Italy with his family. His parents agreed to donate his organs and corneas, which went to seven Italians waiting for transplants. Reg and Maggie Green spoke openly to the media, with no bitterness, about their loss and decision. The world took the story – and the Greens – to its heart. Organ donations in Italy have quadrupled since Nicholas was killed so that thousands of people are alive who would have died.

The world’s response to the Green’s personal tragedy is called “the Nicholas effect.” No matter their nationality or calling, people respond from the heart – presidents, movie stars, schoolchildren, grandmothers, Boy scouts, soccer players, surgeons, and organ recipients. Organ donor cards are signed. Poems are written, pictures painted, parks dedicated, scholarships established, medals given, children hugged.

In memory of Nicholas, the Nicholas Green camp takes place during the Winter World Transplant Games, culminating in a slalom race at the end of the week for all camp participants to win the “Nicholas Cup”.

More information on Nicholas Green can be found here www.nicholasgreen.org