Camp Considerations

Camp Participation

The camp is exclusively residential and is open to children from 8 to 15 years of age. Age on the day of the opening ceremony of the Games will apply and no exceptions will be made.

It is not necessary for participants to be accompanied by parents or guardians. Arrangements can be made for unaccompanied children to be met at Geneva airport.

If parents or guardians plan to accompany their child to Anzère and register at the Games as accompanying persons, they should be aware that to encourage independence in the children, parents or guardians will only have limited possible daily contact with their child, with visiting time to camp strictly 16:00 to 18:00, except in exceptional circumstances (illness, etc.).

Camp Rules

Safety and supervision are taken very seriously and for the benefit of every child participating at the Nicholas Green camp, the following rules will apply and be strictly enforced. It is a condition of participation that parents and children understand and agree to all the camp rules.


Smoking is not permitted at camp and this is strictly enforced. Any child failing to abide by this policy will be immediately dismissed from the camp.


The drinking of, possession of, or attempt to procure alcoholic beverages is not permitted by any child, whatever their age. Any child failing to abide by this policy will be immediately dismissed from the camp.


The use of, possession of, or attempt to procure drugs (including marijuana) is not permitted and any child failing to abide by this policy will be immediately dismissed from the camp, with the appropriate authorities being notified.


Good manners, good behaviour and full cooperation are expected at all times. Disrespect of the camp staff will not be tolerated.

Respect of other children

It is important that respect is shown to all children at camp, who may be of a different cultural or religious background.


At night, a curfew will be established and children must adhere to this curfew, remaining in their rooms and keeping noise to a minimum.


Ski/snowboard helmets (supplied) must be worn at all times while skiing/snowboarding.

Visiting other bedrooms

Girls are not allowed into boys bedrooms and boys are not allowed into girls bedrooms at any time.

Leaving the chalet/hotel

Children are not permitted to leave the chalet without the permission of the camp staff. Children up to 12 will always be accompanied by a camp counsellor. Children 13 and over will always be in a group of at least three children.

Knives and fireworks

Knives and fireworks are not permitted at camp and must be handed to a camp staff member for safekeeping.

Damage to camp property

Damage to camp property or equipment, will be the responsibility of the child causing the damage, whether the damage is wilful or not. In the case where the child responsible cannot be determined (a shared bedroom, for example), the responsibility will be shared between all children in the room.

Mobile telephones

Mobile telephones must be switched off during activities and must be handed into the camp office for safekeeping at night. Our experience has shown that they are very disruptive, are often used late at night and are generally abused by children.