Tips for Fundraising

Participation in the World Transplant Games is a wonderful experience, and for many a dream come true. After being ill, the prospect to participate and share this with your friends and family is the greatest opportunity to enjoy your Gift of Life. Participation however, requires money and investment.

For many it is hard to find sponsorship for participation in the World Transplant Games. The World Transplant Games Federation has put together some tips to assist you with this process.

Each country has special Rules for Fundraising so it always best to do this alongside your member country association. Ensure you check whether an official Fundraising authorization letter is needed, or if they have any other specific requirements.

Tips for raising sponsorship:

Write an article on yourself / your story – a one A4 page document including a photo of yourself. Include contact details of your National Transplant Association.

Create an information pack – apart from the article on yourself, you will also want to include some information of the World Transplant Games (brochures are available for download on this website) and leaflets Organ Donor Registrars, your Transplant Association etc..

Make a list of people to approach – local businesses, companies, banks and building societies. Also consider any local authorities who may offer sporting grants. Rotary clubs, Round Table, Lions club, sport and leisure clubs and local newspapers are a great place to start. (Note: Your Member Association will most likely already be appealing to National/Regional Governments, the kidney-, heart-, lung-, liver- etc. foundations, and pharmaceutical companies, so it is best not to approach them.)

Address letters to the correct person – It is always best to address a letter to the correct person at an organization i.e. the fundraising or marketing manager. Either find these details out by researching their website, or call the company to find our the correct contact person.

Stay organized – Be sure to follow up all letters sent with a phone call, and keep a list of who you have written to with captured outcomes.

Share your intentions – share your intentions with friends and family members and see who may have contacts at suitable establishments. They may be able to personally pass on your information pack.

Outreach – Offer to give talks at local establishments to raise interest. Be sure to take pamphlets where possible.

Generate PR – Always remember that the goal is to generate PR about Organ Donation. Therefore you should approach as many local newspapers as possible.

Set up a fundraising site / campaign – sites like Just Giving/Virgin Fundraising are free and easy. You can then share this site with all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family from around the world. You will be surprised how much support you will get! Just giving is free and easy and allows global access.

Research the Charity internet – Have a look at major charity websites, they always have good ideas, hints and tips for raising money!!

Follow up – If successful, ALWAYS write a thank you letter immediately, and follow up with brief report and photo AFTER the Games. They may have a newsletter/Journal to publish it in, or it may just be pinned up on a notice board. Be sure to send your list of successful sponsors to your Team Manager. Good communication is so important and… You may want to approach them again next year!

Click here to view a general list of A-Z fundraising ideas


Afternoon tea/morning tea – have your family, friends or work colleagues bring a plate of food and charge an entry fee to all participants.
After work drinks – have drinks after work where the company subsidizes the alcohol and snacks. Charge an entry fee and small amount for each drink. Add a touch by naming the drinks “Transplant Tonic”.
Auction – hold an auction by obtaining donated items and/or services from local businesses, sports stars, artists and/or performers.
Artwork sale or auction – hold an exhibit for your family, friend or work colleagues to showcase and sell the artwork created by their own co-workers and/or local artists.


BBQ/Sausage sizzle – hold a BBQ at your school or for friends and family and charge an entry fee or charge for each item consumed.
Baby guessing competition – get your school friends or work colleagues to bring in a baby photo and pays €5 to guess who’s who. Perhaps anyone who doesn’t take part has to pay €5 too! The winner gets a prize.
Bike rides – gather a group of friends who want to raise funds by holding a sponsored bike ride.
Boating day – why not organise a day of boating for family and friends, perhaps have a pirate theme and be ‘marooned’ on an island with a seafood BBQ?
Book sales – get your friends, family and work colleagues to clear out the book shelves and organise a “book sale” where all proceeds are donated.
Benefit performance – contact your local arts centre, drama group, orchestra or choir and organise a charity performance at school or work where proceeds raised are donated to Starlight.


Car Park Raffle/Auction – if parking your car at work is near impossible, when those with company car parks are away, why not organise to raffle/auction off their car space?
Casual day – hold a regular casual day at your school or workplace and charge each of those who join in.
Caption competition – get a photo of your school principal, teacher or workplace manager doing something unusual and charge for participants to submit a caption.
Chocolate drive – purchase fundraising chocolates to sell at school or work. You may even like to include bags of lollies and/or cakes?
Cake Sale – bake a few cakes and sell each slice.
Cinema screening – approach your local cinema and see if they will hold a preview screening of a new release movie for you. Increase ticket prices by an extra few dollars and sell to school mates, family friends and colleagues.
Children’s fun day – arrange activities and entertainment for your work colleagues to bring their children along and charge a fee for each child who participates.
Colouring-In competition – hold a competition that your school friends can participate in. Provide templates.
Cookbooks – ask your school friends, family or work colleagues to donate copies of their favourite family recipes to form a cookbook you can sell at your school or workplace.


Donate – an hour’s pay, or why not a day’s pay?
Dances – organise a themed dance for your next school or social club outing, why not go back to the 60s 70s or 80s or perhaps a movie theme is more appealing?
Dress up day – forget dressing down, it’s your chance to glam up at school or work!
Dinner party – hold a dinner party for friends and fundraise through a raffle or selling glasses of wine or champagne.


End of year party – why not name your charity of choice at your end of year party at your school or workplace? Charge a small entry fee, play fun games and give out prizes.


Fancy dress days – organise a fancy dress day at your school or workplace such as favourite movie or rock star, crazy tie, bad hat or ’colour’ only day.
Fun runs – gather any interested work colleagues and participate in a sponsored run.
Fashion parade – host a parade at your school for parents and teachers by inviting local designers and shops to showcase their latest fashions. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, make your own cool designs!


Guessing competition – fill a jar with sweets, coins, rubber bands or thumb tacks and charge €5 per guess.
Golf days – hold a golf day for your work colleagues, clients and/or suppliers.


Hair colour or shave – gather a group of friends or work colleagues willing to change their hair to a crazy colour temporarily in return for sponsorship Euros. Or, if you’re really brave, why not organise a head shave?
Heads or tails – play a game of Heads or Tails. Everyone donates to enter. Whilst standing up, each person decides if they’re heads or tails by putting a hand on their head or their bottom. Flip a coin and announce the results. Those who get it wrong sit down. Continue until only one person is left.
Halloween party – why not hold a Halloween party at your school or workplace to raise some extra Euros?
Hopscotch challenge – get together for a fun challenge at your school? Charge an entry fee and give out prizes to the best costume or team on the day.


Indulgence Day – instead of casual day, create an indulgence day where everyone can wear their pyjamas, slippers and have a hot chocolate!
Individual gifts – hold a gift day and encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to support by making pledges, donating an hour/day’s pay or signing up for workplace giving.
Inter-departmental sports matches – organise for teams or departments to play against each other in a knock out competition. Anyone for basketball, soccer etc?


Jewellery auction/raffle – hold an exhibit for work colleagues and valued clients to showcase pieces of jewellery available for auction/raffle.
Jellies in a Jar – an ever popular competition of counting how many jelly beans in a jar.


Knockout darts or pool tournament –Perhaps holding a darts competition would be good, or if that doesn’t appeal, there’s always the traditional pool competition!
Karaoke night – why not hold a karaoke night for your friends or for work’s next social function?
Kite flying competition – why not hold a family day with a picnic in the park and kite flying?


Late for meetings penalty – do meetings constantly start late? Why not charge a €5 penalty for anyone who arrives to a meeting five minutes after its planned commencement?
Longest sushi train – do your friends and family like eating sushi? Why not have “the longest sushi train” fundraising lunch?
Lunch money – instead of buying lunch, why not have your school mates or friends bring in their own lunch one day and donate what is normally spent on lunch to you?


Mobile phone ringing penalty – start a penalty system for anyone whose phone rings during a meeting or presentation, perhaps a €5 penalty should be established to discourage the polyphonic/musical disruptions?
Makeover evening – hold a pamper session with your girlfriends or workmates and organise beauticians and massage therapists to provide complimentary treatments. Each person pays an admission fee.
Maquerade ball – why not hold a masquerade ball or dinner? Everyone can get creative and make their own masks!
Memory meal – transport yourselves back to when you were kids. Have a day where you all dress in the style of your favourite childhood time and bring along some of those tasty dishes your parents would cook.
Grand National Sweep – organise a fun BBQ or late-lunch to celebrate the race.


Nintendo/Xbox/Playstation competition – organise a play-off with friends to see who the ultimate computer gamer amongst your group is!


Office space – are you in an open plan office with unlimited distractions? Why not raffle/auction off the boss’s office next time he/she is away?
One day break – get sponsored by family and friends to go without speaking or a vice for a day—maybe it’s Coca Cola or chips!


Pizza extravaganza – why not gather a group together and hold a fundraiser around making and/or eating pizza
Party pies/sausage rolls – how about holding a fundraiser at your school or workplace where you sell homemade party pies and sausage rolls to raise funds?
Poker tournament – do you have any card sharks within the work place? Perhaps they can help you organise a poker night with benefits going to you.
Pub crawl – gather a group of sociable work colleagues and organise a list of pubs/clubs to visit, charge a fee to each participant.


Quiz day/night – organise a “bright sparks” trivia quiz for school mates or work colleagues to prove who really is the smartest of the bunch!
Quintessentially Irish – organise a day where everyone bring along some Irish food/drinks to celebrate being Irish. Charge a fee to join in.


Raffle – organise prizes to raffle off at your school or workplace. Why not ask local businesses to support you in donating prizes.


Spring Bulbs – organise to sell spring bulbs purchased in bulk to families at your school or work colleagues.
Spray your hair – feeling a bit crazy, why not obtain some sponsors to change your hair to purple or yellow or blue or green?
Swear box – have a swear box in your work place and fine those who utter a swear word.
Scrabble competition – find out who really is the “thesaurus” champion.
Sleep over under the stars – be a bit adventurous and get your school or local group (Guides, Scouts, sporting club) to hold a special outdoor sleepover?
School sports day – fundraise at your school sports day by holding competitions, a raffle or selling merchandise


Trivia day/night – organise a “bright sparks” trivia quiz for work colleagues to prove who really is the smartest of the bunch!
Talent competition – hold an performance where your schoolmates or work colleagues can showcase their amazing “hidden’ talents”!
Three-legged race – why not hold a fun race day at your school? You can even do an egg and spoon race and sack race!
Ten pin bowling – find out who the best ten pin bowler is among your family and friends by testing their skills in a sponsored bowling tournament – for the professionals, try it blindfolded!
Treasure hunt – why not organise a treasure hunt for your school or co-workers?
Organise cryptic clues leading people from one location to another and ask local businesses to donate prizes for the day!
Theatre preview – persuade your local theatre group to hold a charity performance for your school or workplace in support of you.


Unsolicited donations – everything is gratefully accepted!
Ugly ducking competition – hold a dinner party and have your friends bring a photo of themselves from 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years ago and hold a competition for “best/worst hair cut”, “best dressed” etc.


Victory donation – When your school or sports team wins a competition, why not donate the winnings to fund your trip?


Wine tasting evening – spend an evening tasting fine wines with friends, family or work colleagues. Charge participants an entry fee that covers wine, cheese and a donation.
Walk – why not gather a group of interested friends to partake in a sponsored walk? Or, organise a walking group and charge participants an entry fee to donate.
World meal – hold a meal with an Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese etc theme and charge an entry fee to family and friends. Give out prizes for the most authentic or unusual dish!


Xmas party – at this year’s Christmas party why not name your trip as charity of choice and hold an auction, raffle or include an additional amount to donate to Starlight on all tickets?
Xmas card sale – make your own and include a piece on the back about you and the WTG.
Xmas card donation – instead of sending Christmas cards this year, send you best Christmas wishes using eCards? The money you normally spend on Christmas cards can then be donated.


Your idea – often the best fundraising ideas are the ones you come up with yourself.
Yoga marathon – why not gather a group together to participate in a sponsored yoga marathon?
Yes day – convince a group of your work colleagues to have people sponsor them in their quest to say yes to everyone’s work demands on a particular day (within reason of course!)


Zany events – the list is endless …. Eat jelly with chopsticks, drink milk through a Time-Out, greatest number of marshmallows in a mouth etc. Get people to sponsor you in your challenge!
Zany ideas – run a competition to think of a fundraiser beginning with Z!

Click here to learn how to raise € 250 in a week

Day 1: Make your own € 25 contribution = € 25
Day 2: Ask 5 neighbours for € 10 each = € 50
Day 3: Ask your boss to contribute € 25 = € 25
Day 4: Ask 4 co-workers for € 5 each = € 20
Day 5: Ask three family members for € 10 each = € 30
Day 6: Ask two businesses for € 25 each = € 50
Day 7: Ask five friend for € 10 each = € 50

Total: € 250

* For the amounts we used the € Euro but can be Dollars, Franks, Pounds etc.

If your sponsor asks for an invoice with stamp contact your Team Manager / Treasurer.

If you have other good ideas, please let us know and contact the WTGF secretary,