Research Papers

The Education Committee of the WTGF have established a WTGF Research Group.


To achieve our mission of “More Transplant Recipients, More Active, More Often” there is a need to disseminate existing knowledge and create new knowledge about organ donation, transplantation and sports; to enhance the quality of life for all transplant recipients.


We aim to achieve this by initiating collaborations between the WTGF , researchers and other professionals across multiple disciplines.


The Research group has initiated a communication platform (a series of regular online meetings) for researchers and other professionals to share and discuss ideas related to research, dissemination of research, and collaborations with the WTGF.


If you are a medical researcher, a researcher in transplantation and organ donation, a researcher in sport psychology and sociology, nutritionist or dietitian, sports therapist/coach or another professional and wish to be part of the Research Group, please email

Transplant Sport Research

Download and read some of the work carried out by researchers
on the topic of Transplant sport.

Organ Transplant Recipients’ Experiences of Physical Activity: Health, Self-Care, and Transliminality

Wiltshire, G., Clarke, N. J., Phoenix, C., & Bescoby, C. (2021).

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The role of sport-based social networks in the management of long-term health conditions: Insights from the World Transplant Games

Wiltshire, G., Clarke, N. J., Phoenix, C., & Bescoby, C. (2020).

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