Series Description

The Wellness series consists of a collection of 8 – 10 week videos courses aimed at everyone post-transplant looking to try something new and improve their fitness and wellbeing. This series will be rolled out gradually with new courses being added periodically.

Register for the Refit Program to gain access to the following wellness series currently available:

Embodying Your Transplant Series

10 week video course using body-centered therapeutic practices that looks at the connection of both the mind and the body when healing from a life-altering experience.

Mindfulness Course

8 week video course introducing you to the basics of mindfulness , creating an opportunity to observe your own mind and body and apply meditation practises to assist you in the areas of stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Beginner Yoga Series

A 10 part Beginner Yoga video series created specifically for the Transplant Community with a more embodied approach yoga, taking you gradually through a mix of movements and postures.

Guided – A Strength, Mobility and Flexibility Series

An 8-part series designed to make you feel good by helping you unlock movement and flexibility in your body. Feel stronger and improve your quality of life by transforming your body in the right way.

Sports Psychology Series

An 8-part series created to give you practical strategies and key skills to help you to adopt new positive behaviors, build mental strength and enthusiastically commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Pilates Series

An 8-part series designed to help strengthen and stabilize your core, which is your foundation, so that you can move efficiently while improving your posture, flexibility, and mobility.

Nutrition For Kidney Health Series

This series is designed to help you navigate the complex world of food and nutrition and show you how food can be both delicious and nutritious while achieving your health goals.

Transplant Coaching Series

Transplant Coaching is an action-based practice that helps you recognise your needs and what areas in your life need attention in order to restore a healthy balance.

PurEnergy Series

This 6-part series is designed to inspire and guide you on your personal health journey towards a more vibrant lifestyle. Have fun with these 20-minute workouts targeting different areas of your body.

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