Series Description

Welcome to Reset your Mind – Regain your Game!

A series of Sports Psychology classes that will accompany you on your path towards achieving an optimal quality of life.

In this 8-part video series, you will be given practical strategies and tools to encourage you to build strength and enthusiasm as you take the first steps towards resuming a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, if you have already taken those first steps but have found it difficult to sustain a sports practice over time, this series will deliver some valuable resources from the psychology of sport, that will make the whole process easier for you to maintain.

It is no secret that a lifestyle that incorporates physical activity and sports practice has great benefits for transplant recipients, however we are often faced with certain complications that tend to disrupt our progress. This series aims to help solve the challenges you may face in your journey to optimal wellbeing.

During this series, you will learn strategies that build mental strength and in doing so, improve all areas of your life. You will learn key skills to be able to manage yourself on a personal, emotional and social level. You will be encouraged to create a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and learn how to sustain these new positive behaviours by adopting an attitude of challenge: transforming difficulties into challenges, overcoming these challenges and in this way – turn life into a competition!

Let’s get started and Reset your Mind – Regain your Game!

Series Instructor

The series will be conducted by Arturo Velasco, CEO of Activamente Psicología y Coaching Deportivo. Arturo has 8 years’ experience as a Sports Psychologist and Sports Coach. His main focus is to help people achieve their optimal performance, increase their wellbeing and ultimately conquer their goals.  He wants to challenge all of us to discover our talents and to reveal our optimal performance for our main test: “Life!”


Psychology, Sports Coach and Sports Psychologist Graduate. Diploma in “Compete under pressure”, “Discover talent for soccer” and “Training for health professionals HeartMath®”. Teacher at LiberQuaré University for leadership, motivation and teams.

Contact: You are welcome to reach out to Arturo directly by contacting Please take a look at the Activamente website for other available resources:

Series Safety

  • If at any point the proposed exercises cause you to feel anxiety, anguish, or very intense emotions, stop. And if necessary, consult with a psychotherapist

  • This program is not a psychotherapy process, and therefore does not replace this form of therapy, however, we invite you to include it as part of your “new lifestyle”

  • For sports practice, please ensure to follow the recommendations of your doctor

  • You are responsible for your own health. It is vital to listen to your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms it gives you. Read our Signs & Symptoms to be aware of here – (

Series Structure

  • Complete each class at your own pace, allowing yourself time to work through each module

  • We recommend that you dedicate the necessary time to complete the proposed exercises in a quiet environment, avoiding distractions

  • To complete each proposed exercise, watch the video and pause to take notes on the instructions for each exercise, and then do them

  • It is important that we test these tools. If for any reason these tools do not work in the most optimal way with you, please feel free to contact Arturo with feedback who will be able to offer further guidance


Only registered participants have access to the training video classes.

Introduction Class 

  • Welcome to Reset your Mind – Regain your Game!

  • Meet Arturo and get a broad overview of what to expect in this series

Class 1

  • ReBorn

  • The idea of being reborn can be very inspiring, but also overwhelming

  • In this module, the objective is to identify your ideas, thoughts & feelings around your current life

  • Learn to choose these ideas in a balanced & functional way, and set challenging yet achievable objectives

Class 2

  • ReCalibrate

  • Learn to identify your mood signals (energy level and tension level)

  • Recognize your signals when your mood is good, not good-not bad or bad – and later in Class 3, learn how to manage it

Class 3

  • ReConnect

  • Create strategies to be able to reconnect with your energy at an optimal level to practice some sport or physical activity

  • Finding your way is the key to develop your lifestyle

Class 4

  • ReFlect

  • Explore and reflect on the difficulties and opportunities you will face when carrying out and developing your new lifestyle

  • Learn to identify what is under your control and what is not

Class 5

  • ReConstruct

  • Design a plan that will facilitate the creation of new habits

  • Identify the internal & external obstacles and seek to eliminate these obstacles through planning

Class 6

  • ReWard

  • Immediate rewards are vital for helping maintain your new lifestyle

  • In the module, you will define what your rewards will be for the good actions

  • You will also clearly define what are good actions

Class 7

  • ReCharge

  • Create strategies to recharge your energy and sustain your lifestyle

  • The road to optimal performance is a marathon and not a sprint!

Class 8

  • ReStart

  • Learn to detect a relapse, or change in your behaviour if you find yourself slowing down or stopping altogether

  • Create strategies to get back on track, without guilt and prevent future deviations


The World Transplant Games Federation, nor Arturo Velasco and Activamente Psicología y Coaching Deportivo are responsible for the well-being of participants and are not liable in any way for the emotional, mental, or physical side effects that may arise from taking these classes. 

Please ensure you take care of yourself and only perform exercises suitable for you, or as advised by your Health Professional. Please monitor your health & well-being during and after each of these classes and take the appropriate steps needed to care for your mental and physical health. 

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