Patricia Painter

Pd.D, Research Associate Professor, USA

Bachelors Degree  – Biology / Physical Education
Masters Degree – Biological Sciences Physical
Pd.D.    – Education / Exercise Physiology

The focus of my research career has been in the application of exercise physiology in clinical populations, specifically in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) – both dialysis and transplant.  I have studied the physiologic limitations to exercise in these patients as well as the effects of exercise training on physical functioning and exercise capacity.  I have completed randomized studies of exercise training in both dialysis and transplant patients, a demonstration project of exercise training in a large population of hemodialysis patients that were similar to the general population of patients, as well as other studies related to physical function and physical activity.

Our research studies have used various outcome measurements including measurement of oxygen uptake, physical performance testing and health-related quality of life that includes self-reported physical functioning. Regardless of the outcome measure, exercise capacity improves with exercise training and increased physical activity.

My work has also included a survey of dialysis patients to assess levels of physical activity participation.  The proposed study of the implementation of practice change for promoting physical activity within the dialysis clinic is a natural progression from the extensive quantitative efficacy studies in patients with end stage kidney disease that have used similar approaches of independent home exercise. In preparation for the qualitative aspects of the implementation aim, I have worked with Dr. Lauren Clark in a pilot qualitative ethnographic study of the dialysis clinic in order to better understand qualitative methods and staff practice of assessing function and encouraging physical activity. My extensive experience and expertise working with exercise in the dialysis clinic, the excellent collaboration with Dr. Marcus in the Department of Physical Therapy and the full support of the nephrology team at the University of Utah all will contribute to the success of the proposed study.

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