Series Description

Mindfulness refers to the willingness or ability to show up fully in our lives and live them as if they really mattered. It is typically cultivated by a range of simple meditation practices, which aim to bring a greater awareness of thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns, and to develop the capacity to manage these with greater skill and compassion.

The aim of the Mindfulness Series is to help you to develop your own mindfulness practice that fits into your lifestyle and soon becomes a habit. We encourage you to be curious and non-judgmental about your experience, not knowing what the outcome of the program will be, but trusting in the practices you are engaging in. See if you can persevere even when you feel you are making no progress or when things feel difficult.

This eight-part online Mindfulness series provides an opportunity to observe your own mind and body, life, and work, and whatever may arise for you. You have a chance over this series to befriend yourself and to reclaim your life, living it more fully, moment by moment. This commitment is ultimately a radical act of trust and faith in yourself.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness include emotional regulation, increased self-awareness, ability to make wiser choices, improved concentration, greater focus, managing stress and an overall sense of well-being.

Series Instructors

The series will be conducted by Julie Elliott and Liz Witherspoon who are Mindfulness Teachers and run their own practice called Simplicity Coaching.

As Mindfulness Teachers, they aim to inspire and support the growth of individuals. They believe in taking the time to reflect and to simplify our lives by clearing the ‘clutter’ of thoughts, behaviours and distractions that are not aligned to living an authentic, mindful and wholehearted life. By living mindfully, we savour each moment to connect with those things and relationships that are important to us.

Qualifications: Completed their Post-Graduate Certificates in Mindfulness-Based-Interventions through Stellenbosch University and IMISA (Institute for Mindfulness South Africa) They have also completed their Mindfulness Educators Essential Program through Mindful Schools and have been working as Facilitators and Life Coaches for the past fifteen years. They are currently qualifying as Mindfulness-Based Supervisors.

Contact: You are welcome to reach out to Simplicity Coaching by contacting or Please take a look at their website for other resources and information:

Series Safety

  • If you experience any flashbacks or are feeling stressed in the body, a racing heart, sweating, the urge to freeze, fight or run away, while doing the mindfulness meditations, we strongly suggest seeking a trauma therapist to support you. Please also refer to the resources section on TRAUMA for further information if you have been diagnosed with any form of trauma.

  • Remember that you always have a choice – if anything feels too overwhelming, too triggering, too emotionally charged, or physically challenging, trust your inner knowing and “back off” or come back to the anchor that feels supportive and stabilising for you.

  • Check-in with your capacity. What we mean by this, is that you find the “sweet spot” between challenging yourself to learn something new, and to be kind and compassionate as you do so.

  • Please take care of yourself and monitor your health & well-being during and after the class.

  • You are responsible for your own health. It is vital to listen to your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms it gives you. Read our Signs & Symptoms to be aware of here.

Series Resources

Series Structure

There are 8 classes in the series. Please complete each class before moving onto the next one – below is the process:

  • Watch the 30-minute video.

  • Refer to the downloadable notes and answer the questions in your notes or in a separate journal.

  • Follow the daily audio-guided mindfulness meditation. Try as best as you can to do the meditation daily, for a full week before moving on to the next class.


Only registered participants have access to the training video classes.

Introduction Class

  • A very warm welcome Transplant Community and thank you for joining us.

Class 1

  • A Taste of Mindfulness: Understanding mindfulness and the foundational qualities and attitudes.

Class 2

  • An Anchor in the Storm: Learning how to Anchor and Focus your Attention in order to feel grounded and safe in spite of life’s challenges.

Class 3

  • Present Moment Awareness: The Awareness Triangle and coming off autopilot to experience present moment awareness.

Class 4

  • Acceptance: The story of the Two Arrows and how to respond to difficulties with greater skill, calm and balance.

Class 5

  • Meeting stress with Wisdom and Kindness: There will always be stress and difficulties to face in life – we can’t stop this, but we can change our relationship with stress and these difficulties.

Class 6

  • Self-Compassion: How to meet our own suffering and that of others with kindness, understanding and non-judgement.

Class 7

  • Self-Care: How to bring balance back into your life. The exhaustion funnel, how to nourish yourself and avoid burn out.

Class 8

  • Everyday Mindfulness: How to weave mindfulness into your daily life, so that it’s always there when you need it the most.


The World Transplant Games Federation, nor Simplicity Coaching are responsible for the well-being of participants and are not liable in any way for the emotional, mental, or physical side effects that may arise from taking these classes. 

Please ensure you take care of yourself and only perform exercises suitable for you, or as advised by your Health Professional. Please monitor your health & well-being during and after each of these classes and take the appropriate steps needed to care for your mental and physical health. 

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