Series Description

Do you value movement and feeling good? Guided is a series of follow along videos that will help you unlock movement and improve your life. True freedom awaits. Press play and start moving. Guided is designed to make you feel good.

Are you tired of waking up tired and stiff? Stretches not working? Most of us think being stiff in the shoulders and tight in the hips is normal. Most people think we have to lose our natural mobility and functional body as we age. Especially after a transplant. The truth is, we simply aren’t working with the proper tools to stay free in our bodies and our second chance at life suffers as a result.

The culprit is mainstream fitness. The fitness industry is mostly about looks. Glute exercises, six pack abs and heavy lifting are flashy and trendy, but do they actually make you feel good? The information on keeping your body feeling strong and loose is harder to find and as you become more stiff in your body, it takes more and more of your attention and makes you live more in your mind.

How can you be the best version of yourself when your body isn’t feeling as good as it can?

The Guided series of videos are follow-along routines with voiceovers to guide you through form and technique all done from home with no equipment required.

Guided can be the way to transform your body the right way and celebrate your second chance at life.

Series Instructors

The series will be conducted by Grey Brett from Goal Embassy, who received a new liver in 2015, after being diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Movement and physical activity are huge components of Greys life who leads as an example of what sport and mental fitness can do for transplant recipients. As a lifelong athlete and competitive swimmer, Grey is a member of the Canadian Transplant Swim Team where he has represented Canada at two World Transplant Games.

Grey transitioned into the martial arts arena becoming a competitive Muay Thai kickboxer, eventually teaching students and running his own muay thai gym. He currently works with clients developing personalized training programs customized to their needs and goals. He has a keen interest in working directly with organ transplant recipients who are looking to get the most out of their second chance at life. 

Qualifications: Certified Tacfit Field Instructor, Circular Strength Training Instructor, Mindful Mechanics Bodyweight Instructor, Steel Mace Instructor and Poo Choi Kru, Muay Thai Instructor

Contact: Please reach out to Grey for on if you are transplant recipient looking to reconnect with your body after your transplant or are interested in preparing yourself for competing at regional and world transplant games.

Series Safety

  • Please consult with your transplant team before starting the class series.

  • We recommend you to be at least 4 months post-transplant before participating in the Guided series.

  • It is important to go at your own pace and intensity. Pause the video as needed and focus on controlling your breath which is directly connected to intensity.

  • Grey Brett is not responsible for your health or any injuries induced during or after these classes, so please be mindful of what you are able to do, and not able to do.

  • Make sure you have a safe space to move in. DO NOT do any movements or postures that cause you pain or excess discomfort.

  • You are responsible for your own health. It is vital to listen to your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms it gives you. Read our Signs & Symptoms to be aware of here.


Only registered participants have access to the training video classes.

Class 1

  • Flow Training – All Levels: Unique movements that increase your body’s range of motion

  • Focusing on breath control as you enter a near meditative state while moving every part of your body

  • Fun, engaging and probably different than anything you’ve done previously

Class 2

  • Full Body – Morning Routine: Wake up, get comfortable and explore your body

  • A slow paced, deep stretch routine that will take you to the end ranges of your body’s abilities

  • A great way to feel warm and loose and start your day

Class 3

  • Flow Training Workout: Pushing your personal limits and breaking into a sweat

  • Strengthen your body and increase your range of motion and your cardiovascular system

  • Challenging but very rewarding by the end

Class 4

  • All the Moves: Moving your body in ways you haven’t before

  • Go at your own pace

  • Develop a new relationship with your body with this routine – one of Greys personal favourites!

Class 5

  • My Mobile Body: See how great it feels to become looser and freer in your own body

  • Being able to bend down, reach, contract and expand is the goal of this routine

  • Have fun getting comfortable connecting to the floor

Class 6

  • Bend and Move: Find your body in new positions and experience what it feels like to do new things

  • Walk away from this routine with more confidence and a deeper understanding of what you are capable of

Class 7

  • Locomotion: How can moving so slowly be so trying?

  • Move like an animal. Re-connect with the floor

  • Crawl, hop, slide, move. Have fun!

Class 8

  • Joint Mobility: A head to toe routine that will have you rotate and lubricate every joint in your body

  • A great entry level routine for anyone coming back into the world of exercise

  • Excellent for athletes looking to recover after strenuous training blocks


The World Transplant Games Federation, nor Grey Brett are responsible for the well-being of participants and are not liable in any way for the emotional, mental, or physical side effects that may arise from taking these classes. 

Please ensure you take care of yourself and only perform exercises suitable for you, or as advised by your Health Professional. Please monitor your health & well-being during and after each of these classes and take the appropriate steps needed to care for your mental and physical health. 

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