Series Description

Somatic practice is a form of body-centred therapy that looks at the connection of both the mind and the body when healing from a life altering experience.

The transplant process requires a lot of physical, emotional and mental processing. Many of us are left with lingering alterations in our nervous system which can affect our moods, our ability to handle stress, sleep issues and more – it is a little different for everyone.

Through somatic practices, you will learn to safely explore the landscape of your body, understand your sensations, and rebuild your sense of trust and friendship with your body again. The approach is gentle, non-invasive and self-regulating. It involves building awareness through sensation, movement, breath, self-touch and sound.

During this series, you will start to regain a deeper sense of being ‘back in your body’, have a greater feeling of self-empowerment, mental wellness and feel more at ease in your everyday life.

Series Instructor

The class will be conducted by Tina Clarke, from Tina Clarke Wellness. Tina has Cystic Fibrosis and received a double lung transplant 7 years ago.

She has worked for over 20 years as a wellness & body orientated therapist and specialises in working with people who have chronic disease and those who have received an organ transplant.

After years of gathering, exploring and experimenting, Tina believes that knowledge and tools are a fantastic way to feel empowered even with chronic conditions, where you can often feel so defeated or lost.

Qualifications: Yoga 200hr RYA teaching certificate, Body Mind Centering Certificate, Online trauma course with Peter Levine, Online Somatic training with the Somatic Institute and Natural Nutrition Therapy Diploma. Tina is currently studying Body Mind Psychotherapy.

Contact: You are welcome to reach out to Tina Clarke at or take a look at her website for other resources and courses

Series Safety

  • Before starting any new activity, we recommend that your consult with your Healthcare professional to make sure that what you are planning is appropriate for you.

  • You are responsible for your own health. It is vital to listen to your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms it gives you.

  • This series is only recommended for those aged 18 years and older and are at least 4 months post-transplant.

  • These classes are not suitable for those with medium – severe medical trauma.


Only registered participants have access to the training video classes.

Class 1

  • Introduction to a somatic body-mind approach.

  • Acknowledgment about what we have been through and its effects on our body and mind.

  • Exploring this in our own body-mind with some simple somatic explorations.

Class 2

  • Understanding and physically experiencing the Nervous System.

  • How trauma and extreme stress can come from living with illness and then transplant.

  • Building our internal and external ‘Resources’ for creating a greater sense of safety.

Class 3

  • Learning to track sensation for accessing the information in our body-mind.

  • Learning how to Titrate and Pendulate to gently approach our body and feelings.

  • Exploring tension and holding, and pleasure and ease.

Class 4

  • The Vagus Nerve and its important role in our body and mind.

  • Tracking the Vagus Nerve in our own body.

  • Practicing some exercises for stimulating it within a soothing movement practice.

Class 5

  • The Core Self: Understanding and Accessing it.

  • Learning the importance of ‘present time’.

  • Practice coming back to your Core Self in challenging times or whenever you go outside your ‘window of tolerance’.

Class 6

  • Exploration of fears and worries post-transplant.

  • Noticing patterns in mind and body and exploring new possibilities of thinking.

  • Moving, breathing and ‘Re-patterning’.

Class 7

  • Exploring the changes in bodily appearance post-transplant.

  • Mirror work: Exploring sensations of feelings, creating a friendship with the body.

  • Approaching acceptance and self-love through nurturing.

Class 8

  • Practicing what we have learned and exploring how to respond to our needs.

  • Allowing body intelligence to blossom, exploring the joy of freedom of movement & deeper friendship with body.

  • Embracing improved health & potential post-transplant.


The World Transplant Games Federation, nor Tina Clarke Wellness are responsible for the well-being of participants and are not liable in any way for the emotional, mental, or physical side effects that may arise from taking these classes. 

Please ensure you take care of yourself and only perform exercises suitable for you, or as advised by your Health Professional. Please monitor your health & well-being during and after each of these classes and take the appropriate steps needed to care for your mental and physical health. 

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