Series Description

This Beginner Yoga Series was created specifically for the Transplant Community with a more embodied approach to yoga. Going through the transplant process involves challenges and a variety of feelings and emotions that can disturb our relationship with our bodies, so this series is designed with the focus more on body connection and awareness than on learning specific yoga postures.

Yoga is about uniting all parts of yourself, and this beginner series introduces you to that concept through bringing awareness to your body, your movement, your breath and your sensations, and to bring your relationship with your body back into harmony. You will be guided to listen to your body to make the best movement choices for yourself in each moment – your body has great intelligence, and we want to listen to it!

The series will gradually take you through a mix of movements and postures, in a flowing style, starting from the ground (your foundation to move from) to standing movement and some simple breath practices. You will begin to learn what quality of movement you need on any given day, stronger or softer, energising or nurturing.

By the end of the series, you will have learnt enough to create a short yoga practice for yourself at home or have the foundation to join an organised group class. You will have also learnt how to start to listen to your body and enjoy movement.

Series Instructor

The class will be conducted by Tina Clarke, from Tina Clarke Wellness. Tina has Cystic Fibrosis and received a double lung transplant 7 years ago.

She has worked for over 20 years as a wellness & body orientated therapist and specialises in working with people who have chronic disease and those who have received an organ transplant.

After years of gathering, exploring and experimenting, Tina believes that knowledge and tools are a fantastic way to feel empowered even with chronic conditions, where you can often feel so defeated or lost.

Qualifications: Yoga 200hr RYA teaching certificate, Body Mind Centering Certificate, Online trauma course with Peter Levine, Online Somatic training with the Somatic Institute and Natural Nutrition Therapy Diploma. Tina is currently studying Body Mind Psychotherapy.

Contact: You are welcome to reach out to Tina Clarke at or take a look at her website for other resources and courses

Series Safety

  • You must be at least 18 years or older and 6 months post-transplant in order to participate in this Yoga Beginner Series.

  • Please consult with your transplant team for permission to start a beginner’s yoga class and ask for their advice on any movements you should avoid or adjust.

  • Tina Clarke is not responsible for your health or any injuries induced during or after these classes, so please be mindful of what you are able to do, and not able to do.

  • Make sure you have a safe space to move in, with sufficient equipment: thick exercise mat. DO NOT do any movements or postures that cause you pain or excess discomfort.

  • You are responsible for your own health. It is vital to listen to your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms it gives you. Read our Signs & Symptoms to be aware of here.


Only registered participants have access to the training video classes.

Class 1

  • Gently building the foundations of an embodied yoga practice: working from the floor – our foundation from which we move from.

  • Discover pandiculation (body yawning) and the 3 part/complete breath.

  • Learn to slow down enough to bring awareness to your body, breath and sensations.

Class 2

  • Learn how to Body Scan and explore your own physical anatomy.

  • Discover how to listen to what feels good and how you want to move.

  • Learn how to sweetly and smoothly transition from a prone position (lying) to seated.

Class 3

  • A focus on spinal movement, at ground level, mid-level (on all fours) and in a seated position.

  • Bring attention to pushing off the ground to support your movement: “grounding down to rise up”.

  • This is the point in the series in which you fully transition from prone (lying) work to mid-level movement.

Class 4

  • Start to find a bit more intuitive flow in your yoga practice.

  • Explore “flow” lying down and seated, leading you to a sequenced mini-flow synchronising your breath with your movement.

  • Finish the class with a simplified version of Samavritti, a yogic breath practice, for bringing calm and ease to body and mind.

Class 5

  • Bring in a little more movement as you explore transitions from ground to seated, and seated to standing.

  • Practice some flowing into the legs, hips and groin with low lunges and seated half wide leg postures, as well as forward folds.

  • Learn a fun, cleansing and energising breath practice called Simhasana or Simha Pranayama (Lion Breath).

Class 6

  • This class all about the breath! In yoga, breath practices are called Pranayama and serve various purposes such as cleansing the body and lungs, focusing the mind and either energising or calming us.

  • Practice a simple version of Samavritti again.

  • Learn one of Tina’s favourite calming and cleansing pranayama’s: Nadi Shodhana.

Class 7

  • Feeling into your strength and power by introducing the energising standing postures of Warrior II, supported side plank, and side angle pose within a flowing practice.

  • Remember to allow your breath to flow steadily and freely and modify your practice to suit your energy today.

Class 8

  • This class is chair yoga! Perfect for those tired days or when we are sat at a desk.

  • Learn to bring movement, connection, and breath into your day.

  • This practice is also great for those with mobility or balance issues.

Class 9

  • In this class we look at contraction and expansion which is at the very basis of all life.

  • Think of breathing: as we inhale we expand, and as we exhale we contract; our hearts expand and contract constantly as they pump our blood around our body.

  • Practice becoming curious about expansion and contraction in your bodymind, movement and breath.

Class 10

  • The final class focuses on tuning in to your energy and body intelligence to listen to how we need to move on any given day.

  • When we are able to listen to our body and respond in the best way in our yoga practice, it opens the doors for us to be able to hear our innate intelligence/intuition in all life experiences.

  • Being curious to your sensations and moving from awareness in your practice and life, is essential for “yoga”- which translates to “yolking” or “uniting”.


The World Transplant Games Federation, nor Tina Clarke Wellness are responsible for the well-being of participants and are not liable in any way for the emotional, mental, or physical side effects that may arise from taking these classes. 

Please ensure you take care of yourself and only perform exercises suitable for you, or as advised by your Health Professional. Please monitor your health & well-being during and after each of these classes and take the appropriate steps needed to care for your mental and physical health. 

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