National Football Program


For over 45 years, the World Transplant Games Federation has been working to improve and lengthen the lives of organ transplant recipients worldwide by encouraging their participation in sports and fitness-related activities, including the Summer and Winter World Transplant Games. Transplant recipients who remain active or become active in exercise, fitness activities and sport have a higher quality of life and keep their transplants longer.


Recognizing that football is the most popular sport in the world and that thousands of transplant recipients participate on all skill levels, the WTGF through its World Transplant Football Commission has begun an initiative to build on this base and increase the participation of transplant athletes in football from beginners to elite national programs. The Commission is working toward an eventual biannual World Transplant Football Cup and is planning a prototype international transplant football tournament in September 2024.


To encourage transplant recipients to participate in football, the Federation has developed the following resources to assist members in developing the sport within their countries:

A set of rules for football adapted for transplant recipients.

Guidelines and recommendations for developing a transplant football program locally and within a country.

An Agreement of understanding for Organizers, Trainers and Referees.

Key message points to use to promote a transplant football program.

This medical review form must be used to ensure that transplant recipients are medically fit to participate.

For assistance in building a football program, contact the WTGF at

Transplant Australia

Transplant Football exhibition match media coverage

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