MEDIA RELEASE: World Transplant Games – new host city awarded

The Board of Trustees of the World Transplant Games Federation this week unanimously awarded the 2021 World Transplant Games to the United States of America and the City of Houston, Texas.

The Board met in Newcastle, England, as part of its review of the next World Transplant Games to be held in Newcastle in August, 2019.
Key members of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority – presented an outstanding bid highlighting the desire of the Sports, Authority, Team Texas and all State Teams of the United States, to bring the Games back to the USA for the first time in 41 years.

Chris Thomas, President of the World Transplant Games Federation, congratulated the USA and in particular Team Texas and the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority for its successful bid to win the Games for America.

“A future Olympics, a future World Football Cup and now – the most inspirational event of them all – the World Transplant Games – is coming to the United States,” Mr Thomas said.

“OK, our Games might not be quite the size of the Olympics or the World Football Cup – but its message about organ and tissue donation it just as inspirational. We will have thousands of athletes from all over the world coming to Houston, Texas, in 2021 to celebrate their second chance at life.

“These Games transcend country boundaries, culture and religion. They show at the very core of our existence, people from all across the world can demonstrate a spirit of generosity and kindness to one another. Organ donation really is the most valuable gift we can leave our fellow mankind, and these games demonstrate that spirit through a week of friendship, sport and celebration.”

Mr Thomas said Houston and Team Texas were ideal hosts to bring the Games back to the USA for just the second time in 41 years.

“New York hosted the third-ever Games in 1980. Transplantation, especially of hearts, livers and lungs, was still relatively new at that time. Almost 40 years has past and transplantation is much more routine now. Yet still the stories of triumph over adversity, of courage over fear of dying, inspire more and more people across the world to support donation through registration.

“Houston has state-of-the-art sport facilities while the Texas Medical Center is an ideal partner to deliver the Games professionally and safely. But behind all of the facilities, the real advantages of bringing the World Transplant Games to Houston, lie in the people behind this bid and their professionalism and commitment. We know we will be in good hands,” Mr Thomas concluded.

The 2021 Games will be held in late May, early June in Houston.