Hagit Siman-Tov

Hagit Siman-Tov – Israel

Age 45 | Liver Transplant

Quote: “I know I was given a very precious gift, one that many wish for but do not get. It is my second chance at life and I am the only one responsible to keep my gift safe.”

Hagit was given a new liver on 11 September 2001 and has been working to empower others by teaching them to live full and healthy lives by making better lifestyle choices ever since.

Early on in her illness, Hagit knew that by simply going for a walk she could instantly change the way she felt both physically and mentally. Since her transplant and recovery, Hagit still benefits from her walks every morning or enjoys a yoga session to boost her energy. Hagit loves to be in the pool and has a goal of swimming 1 kilometre at each training session. Although she has bad days and doesn’t feel like training, Hagit reminders herself that by being active she is strengthening her immune system and making her body work for her.

Hagit is eternally grateful for her precious gift and her second chance at life and knows that she is the only one responsible for the safe keeping of her gift and that is why with a healthy active lifestyle Hagit feels she is enabling herself to live a long, happy and full life.