Games Passport



The Fit For Life! Passport Program –

A fun and easy way to record your WTG attendance and achievements.

The Fit For Life! Passport Program was launched at the 2017 Summer World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain and was implemented again in the 2018 World Transplant Winter Games in Anzère – Abarz, Switzerland.

Each passport booklet is designed for individual Athletes and Supporters making it the perfect way to keep record of your Games attendance.

At every Games, you will receive an official Games stamp that will be stamped into your Passport this also allows you to manually record your results and achievements at each Games.

Many new relationships are formed at the Games so why not capture messages and memories within your new keepsake.

Member countries who wish to implement the Passport Program at their local Games are welcome to, simply contact the Fit For Life! team for all details.

If you have lost your Games Passport or have any queries relating to the passport program, please contact us at –

If you wish to apply for a passport please download and complete the application form.