Claude Laflamme

Claude Laflamme – Ontario, Canada

Age 53  |  Kidney Recipient

Claude realized quickly after his transplant that this precious gift of life deserves the utmost respect. He decided to live his life to the fullest following three core principles: regular physical activity, healthy nutrition and a positive outlook on life.

Four months after his procedure, he returned to the gym not knowing what he would be able to accomplish. He started with stretching, light weight lifting and improving his cardiovascular resistance. When asked by his trainer what his goals were, he replied “To become a role model for those who are transplant recipients; to discover the physical possibilities after having had a transplant”

One of his passions is cycling, and he would cycle 20 km to work each way. It energized him and allowed him to

integrate physical activities in his daily routine. During weekends he cycles with friends in the countryside for rides from 50 to 90 km, and is currently considering training for a Gran Fondo next summer, which would be a great incentive for his to reach a higher level of physical performance. Hi training schedule consists of spinning classes at the gym and participating in a structured training program. He also enjoys hiking as it is an activity that can be done where you are. His fondest memories include hiking the Torres del Paine in Patagonia and the Cinque Terre in Italy with his children.

Claude maintains that when life gets too busy to take the time to exercise, he makes sure he climbs at least 10 flights of stairs before the end of the day and walks everywhere he can during that day. “Being blessed to be an organ transplant recipient is a powerful incentive to have a healthy life style that includes physical activity, healthy nutrition, sharing the joy of healthy living and empowering others to do the same.” In his professional life, in collaboration with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, he promotes the importance of patient and family engagement to improve surgical outcome.