About the Challenge

We are pleased to present our latest offering of global virtual events –
The World Transplant Virtual Golf Challenge.

The virtual golf challenge invites golfers from around the world to compete in this event, submit multiple scores and hopefully bag yourself a prize in one of the categories!

The cost to enter the challenge is $10 per registration.




  • Registration opens 5th July 2021
  • Scores can be submitted online between 01 August – 31 October 2021
  • Official Results will be published soon after the close of the Golf Challenge



The Virtual Golf Challenge has two categories:

Category 1
Transplant Recipient

Category 2
Living Donor or Donor family
Transplant Community Supporter (Health Professional, Family, Friends)


Handicap Bands


You will be required to select your handicap band at registration.


  • 0 – 8 handicap
  • 9 – 16 handicap
  • 17 – 27
  • 28 and over




  • There is no maximum handicap implemented for this challenge
  • You are required to have an official World Golf Handicap / Handicap Index in order to participate, which has been verified by a recognized authority in your country
  • You will need to send through details of the recognized authority for verification in the registration process
  • You are also required to upload a photo of your official handicap
  • The WTGF reserves the right to refuse any certification for any reason at its sole discretion




  • You may participate by playing at any 18-hole golf course in your area with a recognized course rating
  • The course rating of a golf course is a measure of its relative difficulty for a bogey golfer compared to a scratch golfer. Ask your local golf course for their course rating on the day you play, and make sure this is marked on your scorecard
  • The Golf Challenge is a Net Score Competition (ie: Play until you sink the ball and deduct your handicap to determine the outcome)
  • The Golf Challenge is a normal Strokeplay Medal Competition where one plays every hole complete
  • You may play off which ever Tee you normally play off and use your adjusted handicap for that tee
  • You can play as many rounds of golf as you like during the challenge period


How to Compete


  • Register for the Golf Challenge here  in your correct category and handicap band
  • Submit your payment of $10 to receive confirmation of entry
  • Select an 18-hole golf course in your area and play on your preferred day
  • Play as many rounds of golf as you like during the challenge period
  • Take a photo of yourself (selfie) playing on course
  • Complete your scorecard showing Gross Score and Net Score, course rating and handicap
  • Verify your score by your local Pro Shop
  • Submit your verified score and photo online
  • Your best score will always override your previous scores
  • Should your handicap change during the competition period, do not worry – always insert your correct handicap for that day on the submitted scorecard




  • This is a stroke play competition – therefore you must play each hole until you sink the ball
  • Your Gross and Nett score will be required
  • This is a friendly challenge and therefore it is important that you are honest in your scoring.




  • During the competition period, participants can play as many rounds of golf as they choose, on different golf courses and upload their score on the WTGF website, on the ‘Submit your Score’ page
  • There is no limit to the amount of scores that can be uploaded. Your best score will always override your other scores
  • Should your handicap index change during the competition period, this will be noted. You must always reflect your correct handicap index on the day that you play
  • There will be a weekly Leaderboard showing standings for each category
  • The Leaderboard is published on a Monday afternoon – and is made up of the best scores submitted the week prior, Monday to Sunday
  • Remember this is a NET score competition – (ie: Play until you sink the ball, deduct your handicap to determine the outcome)




  • Fun prizes will be awarded periodically during the challenge
  • There will be medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each Category, Gender and Handicap Band at the end of the Challenge
  • You may also purchase an official 2021 World Transplant Virtual Golf Challenge Participation commemorative medal, should you wish to

If you have any queries at all, please feel free to send an email to virtualevents@wtgf.org

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