About The 2021 Billion Steps Challenge

Let’s STEP UP to the Challenge, let’s STEP IN to greater wellbeing, Let’s STEP OUT and get moving! Let’s get FIT FOR LIFE!

Welcome to the Billion Steps Challenge 2021!


Together with our partner Novartis, we invite you to STEP your way 2 better health as we aim to walk 2 BILLION STEPS collectively.


We call on you to step up to the challenge and raise organ donation awareness! Promote rehabilitation post-transplant and showcase the power of the Gift of Life!

What is The Billion Steps Challenge?

  • The Billion Steps Challenge is a fun, free and active challenge running for 10 weeks, from 20th September – 28th November 2021
  • The Challenge aims to encourage everyone in the transplant community to step their way to better health and collectively walk 2 BILLION STEPS
  • Physical activity is essential to enjoying a productive and healthy lifestyle. The challenge promotes exercise, walking regularly and tools to improve your daily habits
  • Our Challenge showcases the power of the Gift of Life! It raises organ donation awareness and promotes sustainable rehabilitation post-transplant
  • The Billion Steps Challenge invites everyone to sign up into teams of between 2 – 10 people: Transplant recipients, medical professionals, living donors and donor families, friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, sports groups, community organisations, and transplant units across the world
  • The Challenge takes place on MoveSpring, an online fitness platform which integrates with most fitness trackers and allows you to sync your daily steps. Manual entry is allowed if you do not have a fitness tracker
  • All physical activities count and can be converted to steps! Cycle, swim or exercise class all count as steps. See our FAQ’s for more information
  • There is no entry free, no age limit, no experience needed and no excuses…

Why Enter?

  • A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, especially after an organ transplant. This Challenge is part of the greater Fit for Life! Initiative, designed to help transplant recipients lead full and active lives through ongoing physical activity
  • The Billion Steps Challenge will improve your daily step count and encourage you to create new healthy habits
  • Unlock Milestones at every 200 000 000 steps we reach as a group. With each Milestone, one lucky participant will win a prize. A grand prize will be unlocked once we reach 2 billion steps collectively!
  • Engage in the fun online chat group in MoveSpring and make friends from around the world. Share photos, stories, and encouragement
  • Participate in our weekly Photo Competitions and capture new surroundings while stepping and sharing your country
  • Enjoy interesting content and tips from guest speakers within our community to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellness
  • Join together as a community and STEP your way to better health!

Explaining The Teams

  • You must join a Team to participate in the challenge. Teams sizes: Min 2 / max 10 people per team, all teams combinations are encouraged. No individual participation is allowed so encourage at least once friend to join you and create a team
  • Teams with only one participant will be joined with other individuals to make our ‘WTGF Global Steppers’ Teams
  • One team member must register first on MoveSpring and create their team. Don’t Forget to add a fun team name and photo!
  • Your team name should include your abbreviated country initials after the team name so we know what country you are representing. For example: a South African team will be Step Up Team ZAF, a team from Canada will be Team Steppers – CAN
  • The rest of the team members can then sign up on MoveSpring and follow the prompts to join their team
  • Each team member will log in their daily step count which will be added to your team’s step count and also towards the Billion Steps Challenge overall count
  • The MoveSpring App will display real time results of how many steps we have collectively walked
  • Team Leaderboard results are based on Steps Averages – to balance the results of different team sizes

Are There Any Prizes?

  • There will be a live Group Target, Team Leaderboard and Individual Leaderboard on the MoveSpring platform
  • No prizes are awarded to leaders in those categories. Everyone wins the ultimate prize – a healthier lifestyle and encouragement to get moving for a common goal
  • One active random participant will unlock a lucky prize draw at each 200 000 000 step Milestone! A final grand prize will be unlocked once we reach our goal of 2 BILLION STEPS!
  • Fun weekly photo competitions with cool prizes up for grabs
  • The final results will be published across our platforms and the leading Individuals, Teams and Countries will be recognised on our website and social media platforms

Register for The Challenge

Let’s STEP UP to the Challenge, let’s STEP IN to greater wellbeing, Let’s STEP OUT and get moving!
Let’s get FIT FOR LIFE!

Help us to make a difference #PoweredbytheGiftofLife