2021 World Transplant Games – 5k AnyWay

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2021 World Transplant Games

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HOUSTON, Texas – The ongoing global pandemic may have closed the door on bringing the world and the 2021 World Transplant Games to Houston, but it opened another.

When the World Transplant Games was cancelled, the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority created a way for the world to come together virtually with the 5K AnyWay that will unite transplant recipients, donors and donor families, health care workers and supporters from around the world and raise awareness for transplantation.

And registration opens today.

What’s a 5K AnyWay? Think about racing 3.1 miles or 5 km anyway you choose between May 28 and June 4, 2021. Walking. Running. Swimming. Rowing. Dribbling a basketball. Playing a round of golf. Throw a cricket ball 140-or-so times. Score 200 soccer goals from the 25-meter line. You get the picture.

Yes, we’re taking AnyWay to new levels.

It’ll be your 5K. Your way. And we’re going global. We want to bounce through every time zone, every country and every continent as we circle the globe. Then cap it off June 5 with the Around the World AnyWay Celebration that will be virtually and literally, “OUT OF THIS WORLD.”

“If we think big, then we have the potential to leave a legacy that no one could have imagined,’’ Harris County – Houston Sports Authority CEO Janis Burke said. “We’re going forward to be impactful no matter what’s happening.”

“It doesn’t matter that we have this global pandemic. What matters is that we pushed forward and we had an impact which is the whole purpose of the games in the first place.’’

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over $115 million for ALS research? Now think about being part of this equally unique event, where all donations raised will help support transplanted children get active and be part of the award-winning Fit for Life global program.

“This virtual platform will create a lasting legacy by reaching out to thousands of transplant recipients and potential donors to be engaged in physical activity and our worldwide community,’’ World Transplant Games Federation president Chris Thomas said. “This event is the perfect enhancement to our current programs raising awareness of the need for more donors and for all recipients to engage in healthy and active living.”

The World Games would have drawn 3,000-plus participants to Houston. The goal for the 5K AnyWay is 12,000 participants which would equate to more than enough miles with the combined 5Ks to circle the global virtually. Fun, right?

We’ve kept it simple. The cost is $25/person and you sign up at www.WTG2021.com. We’ll keep you updated throughout the year and then next May, we’ll all 5K our way around the world together.

After you finish your 5K next spring, just log your results. You can follow the combined progress on our engaging interactive map, which will feature fun facts on cities and countries along the virtual route. We want you to compete and have fun, so we encourage you to post pictures of your adventure – as well as your style – and, as you compete, help spread the word of the importance of transplant donation.

We’ve thought outside the box on awards as well. In addition to the fastest competitor in a variety of age/gender/discipline groups, we’re also giving Best Dressed awards, Most Creative AnyWay, Most Engaged (via social media), Best Individual and Best Team Fundraisers and more.

The event culminates in an exclamation point to a unique week – The Around the World Anyway Celebration. We’re blending our unique ideas with the tradition of Cultural Night and taking AnyWay to yet another level.

The star-studded finale will include pieces of a closing ceremony and highlight the amazing stories of the participants and their countries. It will be our gift to you as we celebrate and support each other as one big happy transplant family.

Sign up now so you’ll have plenty of time to choose your way to race and enjoy the activities and initiatives that we have planned leading up to next May.

Don’t miss out on the fun! AnyWay you look at it, this will be an amazing week to remember!

For full information and FAQs go to www.WTG2021.com.

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