Fit for Life! Timeline

fit for life!

timeline and initiatives:

The below is an indication of the Fit for Life! implementation plan over the next 12 months…..

Ambassador Recruit

The Federation will be selecting transplant recipients who are ‘living and breathing’ the Fit for Life! mantra to represent the WTGF as ambassadors. Ambassadors will be required to promote the Fit for Life! mantra to transplant units, participate in sporting events, and encourage others to attend the Games. Stage one launches on 1st September with the recruitment of up 12 ambassadors from different regions of the world. They will be asked to submit in 500 words or less how they are staying fit around their transplanted organ and why they would make a good Fit for Life! ambassador. This initial group of ambassadors will be flown to Chicago, on an all expenses paid trip to attend the New Zealand All Blacks vs. Ireland rugby match on 05 November 2016, where they will be honored at half time. This opportunity launches on 01 September with applications closing on 25 September 2016. Additional ambassadors will be recruited from January 2017.

Fit for Life! Panel

The Fit for Life! panel is a group of individuals with expertise and a passion for promoting physical activity post transplant. Workshops are held between these experts to further advance the literature and develop evidence – based exercise training programmes for transplant recipients. The panel includes transplant surgeons, sports medicine practitioners, nutritionist, biomechanists, physiothereapits and transplant athletes. Should you have an interest in joining our panel, please contact the WTGF office.

Literature (Resources) on why exercise post transplant is important

The Fit for Life! resources page will provide you with evidence – based literature to support why participating in physical activity post transplant has been proved very beneficial.

Training Programmes

Programs to match your organ transplant type, age and current level of exercise will be provided to help you integrate into an active lifestyle post transplant.

Nutrition Advice

After an organ transplant your diet plays a big role. Nutrition advice will be published to help you achieve a healthy and well balanced diet.

Information on grants to further research

The WTGF is now launching Fit for Life! grants to promote the role of physical activity and sport in the long-term rehabilitation of transplant recipients. Information & applications will be promoted online.

Medical conference dates and information

Resources will be published on medical conferences related to transplantation and physical activity.

Billions Steps Challenge

An exciting new challenge embracing the entire transplant community, friends and families as we aim to walk billions of steps.

Games Passport

Fit for Life! will be launching the introduction of a games passport at the next World Transplant Games. The passport will record and celebrate your attendance at World Transplant Games and official recognised worldwide transplant events. Watch this space for exciting updates.

• Launch of Fit for Life! proudly supported by Astellas at the 26th Annual Congress of the Transplantation Society

• Ambassador selection and lifetime match experience competition. Online essay submission where up to 12 winners will be selected to attend an all paid for expenses trip to Chicago, Illinois to attend the public launch of Fit for Life! at the All Blacks verse Ireland rugby match in Chicago, Illinois.

• Establishment of the Fit for Life! panel • Publishing of resources • Establishment of a patient advisary group • Publishing of the recent survey results • Call for and appointment of Fit for Life! ambassadors

• Publishing of training programmes and nutrition advise

• Announcement of Fit for Life! ambassadors and commencement of roles

• Launch of the Fit for Life! app

• Launch of Fit for Life! scholarship programme and grants • Panel workshops to be held with Fit for Life! panel

• Launch of the Fit for Life! Billions Step Challenege

• Launch and issuing of the Fit for Life! Games Passport